Who loves ya’ Honey?

Love, when it is in a reflective or contemplative mode, is able to stand back from and distance itself from entanglement with the imperatives of earning a living, and the 9 to 5 day to day races against time and all the external targets of other people’s making.
Contemplative love can see just the person, the beauty and the light of the soul that first animated it, and it has the space and time to concentrate on the protection and the nurture of the longer term relationship of the heart with the person…
This is the jewel-like and miraculous nacre, the pearl which slowly accretes with the passage of time.
It is composed of shared tendernesses and the physical tokens of affection from and towards yourself over the much longer time scale than the jittery “9 to 5”.
May you benefit from reflection on and gratitude for what you already have, which I see as the long-wave state, and be ever so glad of it.
And may you ride out simply and with studied, confident, patient acceptance, the ups and downs, what you could call the shortwave ripples, so that longwave love can continue, seeing and seen, to be generously shared.
And may love grow ever strong in your heart.
~ Love is present EveryNow

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