⚠Bad News⚠
Odd, isn’t it?
The swaying grasses,
the colours of flowers,
the rustling bushes,
the upgrowing trees,
all of the busy tiny creatures,
those birds, these bees.
💚 Absolutely none have been stilled
by The Bad News!
If I want to feel freedom’s wild kisses,
if I truly want to snuggle close
to my original self,
I walk out.
I walk far out of reach of the news…
and as I go, I cast smiles and catch smiles
💚 Smile! This is the Big Green
The news about all our human doings
Is of no consequence whatsoever
to the birds and the beetles.
💚 Their headline news, their editorial,
all the way down to the stop press,
is about the ecology
right and left
seen and unseen.
💚 I am always welcomed in the Big Green
to observe with love and respect
the sweetly earnest business of survival.
💚 Here calm runs up to me,
from my left,
from my right,
to hold me by my hands
~ Love is present EveryNow 💚

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