♥️ 🍀EveryHeart EveryNow🍀 ♥️

EveryHeart EveryNow

The more I find out about myself, the less I need to try to be me, because I see I am everyone. Everyone is a Pixel of Humanity.

We are born out of love, with our share from birth of the mysteries of the creative power of peace.

All individuals arrive with the fabulous history of our birth. We are all formed by the essences of peace and love, which are the foundations of continuing primitive survival.

From the time we can conceive of our own truth, those truths are understood as elemented by peace and love.
What are those powerful moments of our earliest understanding of some essential shared truth about our condition, if they are not moments of powerful peace?

Ah, the beauty of our very first rainbow? The first reveals of the answer to “am I alone?”

There are ways to find myself. It can be like mining for treasure. The essential nature of the individual is Peace and Love. When I see these as starting points for finding my truths, then the truths of myself are seen as the same as the truths of all others. This is the basis of the compassionate view.

The amazing thing that comes from the compassionate view is that we all suffer through the time of our birth and on from there for all our days.

The will to search for the ways to remove that suffering is powered by our will to survive hand-in-hand with original will to live.

The common values we share are seeded by our ‘birth-day’ gifts of peace and love which we protect and nourish with our instincts of survival.

How we choose to do this throughout life is what can add value throughout our time alive for ourselves and most importantly for others.

Our choices can make us amazing. Our choices can also lead us into a living death, as with acts of savage barbary.

We all have unlimited potential for realising our value through compassionate action.

Choose to discover your heart. It is no speleological expedition! Simply smile towards your heart, and your heart will smile back at you with all the disarming heat of the first smile of recognition between lovers!
Wear your heart on your sleeve.

The more I know about my heart, the more I love how my heart loves me, and the more I know myself to be everyone.

~ Love is present EveryNow

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