I arose, I flower, I am to melt away. I am talking about my EveryNow

* I am talking about EveryNow miracles *

It might have been the sight of the trees growing, maturing, and disappearing in quick-time in a scene from HG Wells “Time Machine” which set me thinking over half a century later about my place in the landscape of existence.

I exist. Other sentient beings, like me, come and go. Who am I? What is my sentient existence in an inevitable plurality of beings?

I see the continuum (only apparent to me for the duration of “me”) of the naturally occuring processes which constitute life in organisms great and small.

I see me as having been given/been infused with/been assumed into the life-force at my inception in the same manner as that blade of grass, this elephant, that newborn over there.

We arrive, we arise, we melt away.

This is what I accept.

I am a manifestation of life’s continuum.

My acceptance “works” for me, if only for the one reason that I no longer am puzzled, or anxious or carrying unanswerable paradoxes around with me.

I avoid varnishing my acceptance. As far as it is in my power, I will not ascribe meaning by labels to my condition of being alive, sharing life, while I am alive.

Like so many, I have wondered at my life of consciousness, which seems to be centralised in me. So I kept on fruitlessly asking the big questions about “my” life in me, and how this related, equated with the life in others, alive now, who used to be alive, or who would at some future time be in life.

Then came the concept of the swarm.

An individual among similar individuals, like a tree, a bird, a human, is no less unique as a singular conscious living entity as the collective life of the sum total of its own kind.

I arose, I flower, I am to melt away.

I have no need whatever for creeping vines of significance, or encrusting jewels of decoration.

How did I acquire, how was I given, how was I assumed into the conscious sentience from which I appear to be observing, commenting, influencing the world in which I move?

If I think of putting these questions in front of me, it is to enter pointlessness. It is as if I am disrespecting the very gifts of this life.

I accept with all that I am, all of my gifts, naturally occuring and of my own striving.

I accept my acceptance above all.

Because this life, which is superabundance of joy and love, has found an acceptance in my identity, and has assumed a proportion of my identity without my volition and with an attachment that never did nor ever will depend on my acceptance of it.

This life which allows me to glimpse with understanding, humility, unending gratitude and awe the common condition of conscious sentience that I share with every particle, subatomic particle and energy wave that ever was, is and will be!

I am talking about my EveryNow.

Miraculously, out of non-existence I am born.

Into the selfsame miraculous non-existence I am to return.

EveryNow sways and rocks me with tender reasurance, like I’m in a womb suspended between my two non-existences.

Virtually undifferentiated from the continuum, except for the miracle of life, “I Am Love”

~ Love is present EveryNow

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