I am infused, like tea in boiling water, with love

Samuel Johnson’s dictum, When you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life, occurs to me.
I think I can’t conceive nowadays of a moment not enhanced by some sort of learning curve, all the way through life to the end.
So what characterises a person who is constantly expecting to learn new things on the road, and indeed is more often than not taken by surprise at the stuff there is to learn on the way?
It has to be a serenely untroubled and always available openness. It must be a lack of externally conditioned, self-obstructing barriers to a cat-like curiosity.
Have you noticed that when they both ramp up their attention, cats and artists have a thing in common: they narrow their eyes.
I am no particular fan of pets. The last animal I would compare myself to is a cat. It is a feline/feral immediacy of sensory input, unfiltered by intellect, which is largely responsible for bringing me, my heart and my sacred spaces into contact with the EveryNow. And I have the capacity to hurl my awareness in there pretty much on demand.
Such is the sweeping nature of the changes that I have been overtaken by these last few years, since 2013, the Year of my Life.
By self-discipline, by making continual self-conscious choices over a period of years, the most precious thing I seem have acquired is a lack?
I lack the overlay/inlay of concept, of internally verbalised labels at the point at which my senses interface with objects in the world.
I have been regularly making choices – namely choosing in the first instant to tune in to the Thisness of things. My motivation to exercise this intensity of unblinkered enquiry has become habitual through a self-reinforcing positive feedback.
If I strive to melt Peter the Pilley away in order to let the fly, the flower, the star, the shining soul-light of my friend assume the entire arena of my awareness, then what?
What happens, with no reasoning, no intervening rationalisation obscuring the way, is that I am infused, like tea in boiling water, with love.
The essential truth/nature/living-beingness of everything is love. Oh, and peace-inperpetual-motion as well, but more of that another time.

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