💫 There is no “end”, only endless beginning 💫

The stark truth of the transience and the impermanence of living has never, in most of our lifetimes, been so vivid and so fearfully close to our day to day.

I arrived for a holiday in Israel. Two days later war was declared.

During a war, no one has a convenient book to pull off the shelf to look up how it all ended.

I have grown to love, respect and feel comfortable with the immediate reality of the reality of continual change.

Make no mistake, I fear for us all. 

At the same time, change is a pivotal quality of the present moment – the EveryNow. It’s my happy place.

Welcome, dear Heart. Welcome to my happy place!

~ Love is present EveryNow

2 thoughts on “💫 There is no “end”, only endless beginning 💫

  1. Ah what a beautiful post. . . it is no surprise to me, why you may feel drawn to read, and may be enjoy, my short stories. I look forward to browsing around your blog, its gorgeous pictures, and unfolding messages.C


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