🟡Freedom EveryNow🟡

Ridding ourselves of the identification with self – that there is a thinker of thoughts rather than just thoughts – offers a kind of freedom. 

It is said that identification with self causes suffering and removing it results in a much sought after state, variously called – enlightenment, awakening, Buddha mind, etc.

In my EveryNow blog, I try to put into accessible words my powerful experiences of this freedom. And I try to write about the ways and means by which people can benefit by consciously paying increased attention to the world of concepts and perceptions.

My hope is that my readers can readily believe they too can taste this freedom, or at least set up in them a curiosity to find out if it can easily be a valid outcome for themselves, as it has been for me.

I agree with some who say such an exalted state of freedom is readily accessible and on the surface of consciousness. I too do not believe it is so tough to access, so deeply buried that it requires the dedication of a lifelong quest.

Others like me, who were born and educated in Western dualistic traditions of thought and action, rather than in oriental non-dualistic cultures, may need to look to the example of others if they are to begin to examine the value of this freedom.

People who feel the promptings which give them reason to question their fixed beliefs are in my readership.

The promptings they receive from unexplained aspects of their inner life and the observations they make of their own experiences of awe, may be the conduits to discovery of the extent of the limitations they place on themselves by their long-standing willing acceptance of the status quo as defined, unalterable and axiomatic.

I know that the most ineffable trancendental concepts are far easier to define by talking about what they are not. It takes a increased intensity of creative thinking to avoid description by negatives. It is always a productive, even revelatory exercise.

So here is my non-negative sketch of the me I call myself.

I am mortal, biological, animate. I will die. The atoms and particles of which I am composed will scatter and outlive my physical form. Something will remain of the effects on the world that my presence and interactions in it created. Those effects will dissipate according to the law of entropy.

A time will come when all records and traces of my life will have grown cold and vanished. I am happy with this scenario, because I recognise all my human responsibilities revolve around the axis of my present moment.

I have arrived at a visualisation of the moment which satisfies my human inclination to forever find answers. I characterise it, within my own limited understanding, as “EveryNow”.

If I have to pick out one outstanding quality of “EveryNow” it is abundance. The moment in which I am held is abundance. The moment into which I am constantly falling in cycles of helpless harmless renewal is abundance.

The whelm of moment causes me to envision myself as so richly endowed with all my needs fulfilled, that I am nearly swamped by its sufficiency.

In this state, I have only to exercise a degree of voluntary acceptance and my being is lit by delight. Considerations of grief future or pain past are laughably insignificant.

Therefore I laugh
E v e r yN o w

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