🌾On being a Yes with life🐣

On being a Yes with life

Few mentions there are on Facebook or elsewhere of the “Power of Yes”.

“Yes” is the simplest of words. All the world over, we are one with “Yes” from babyhood on.

I have been making a Yes Pact with life as I live it all the time from way back as long as I can remember.

“Yes” is simply my force for change, for my reconstructed inspiration and the colour of my confidence.

Peace makes a natural ally with yes on the inside. The conditions are then fine-tuned for boundless joy to spring into existence on the outside.

That’s why the Smile of Yes has universal appeal.

I place my fingertips on my heart centre, and smile to my heart. That smile is what the heart recognises instantly. All obstacles bar none melt away in the face of that smile!

“Yes” taps directly into my pool of peace. From this wellspring I draw refreshment for awakened daily living.




YES is Love’s presence EveryNow

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