Author’s Foreword to EveryNow

A portal to life’s glory opened in February 2013. It engulfed me, Peter Pilley, and straight away began to transform me. Some time passed before I discovered that I was experiencing a heart opening. Further along this journey I realised what had opened would forever remain open.

I knew one thing for sure. The wash of new emotions and revelations was pure open-eyed joy. This goodness, this state of grace, was so utterly new to me, when I tried to open my mouth, I couldn’t find the words in English!

After this epiphany in 2013, I researched online and questioned close friends. I began to write things down in a digital journal. I searched urgently at high intensity to tease out meaning from my new condition of heightened awareness.

In my first 66 years, I had contented myself with “Living to Love”, which is pretty, but superficial. I knew I loved loving. I thought I believed in love. My daily search for love was dedicated, thorough and systematic.

As my heart awakes from a protracted hibernation, my own heart greets me again, and here is where wholesome, healthy “Loving to Live” begins!

And so, I recognise the search for love somewhere outside of me is a self-deluding illusion. I am remade whole again. I am like the baby in its first loving communion with the unknowable beauty of life lived in the eternity of the moment EveryNow.

Today, though I am at peace and at ease with my experience of being alive in this completeness of sentience in the moment, a gift I call EveryNow, it still feels as astonishing, safe and as brand new as it did at its unexpected and brilliant inception.

My EveryNow blog is not here to change you. It is to let you see the bliss and rooted peace that has found a happy home in me, can be yours too!

EveryNow can be yours if you “let go”, if you experiment with not trying to judge, choose or find, if you concentrate your senses with fierce, permanent and loving attention on the smallest things around where you sit, stand, walk or travel.

The most effective way to communicate about the constantly exploding sensations of the deep-seated, unshakable bliss I feel today, is to connect to its source  —  the heart.

During my first six doldrum decades, I neglected to hold communion with my heart. This means that during these recent years living with my heartl in archaeological excavation, I have to learn in baby steps how to speak the language of heart. This will take up all my remaining years. It is the sweetest of all possible challenges!

In 2018, my journal turned into the EveryNow blog, which you can see on by WordPress. I am continuing to add to it. It’s branching, rooting, ever growing, just like a garden.

I write the everyday stories you’d expect from someone who has had the shock of massive heart opening. I write of love, compassion and praise for the glories of living from the heart. I illustrate my blog posts mostly with my own photos or artwork.

I love creative photography. I have been taking photos since I was 12. You can find some under the Media tab on

I hope you read my blog posts the way you walk with a curiosity all of your own around a new garden in your favourite season of the year. Sniff the odd flower, spot a lacewing, climb high up a different tree, because Love is Present EveryNow

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