Definitions of EveryNow

Definitions of EveryNow – a word coined by Peter Pilley in February 2016
Life’s absurdly short
But the present moment is
° ~ ॐ ~ °
… I am granted this vision of life overflowing eternally at this very instant.
At such pressures and densities, because life clearly has a limited span, I feel each moment is as a lifetime.
And so time itself, my subjective grasp on time, can enter a fluid phase where all time is essentially sufficiently granted in my now.
My ‘now’ I call my EveryNow, in which future, past and present – by a small acceleration of focus – become the same.
… I am granted this precious vision of life overflowing eternally at this very instant.
This affords me no starry-eyed pause for thought. This galvanises me, and so I chose to shoulder a real responsibility.
If it’s all here, all now, I am called to action. It’s “Action stations!” time – all the time.
The urgency of being me being so alive is to find connections and connect.
Oh, close-couple mind and heart, and connect to other people, other ideas.
If it’s all happening now, it’s all to play for now. No slouching.
I am one of about seven billion. Glory Glory – we seek our natural home
🟥EveryNow or ‘EverNow’🟣
I sincerely hope the core structure, the roots of the word becomes currency for an area of meaning that avoids dualistic attitudes when applied to human experiences of time.
Wishing a person well on the specific fixed date of a birthday seems to me to ignore well-being on all the other days. It seems to me like a handshake or a backslap, here today, gone tomorrow.

🟨 I am my will to live 🟠

Who I am, the awareness which my sentience is a part of, begins from my feeling that I am breathing and my heart is beating, and that this is the sum total of my bodily expression making itself felt to me as a conscious being.

It is this combination of physical and conscious awareness which I find is all-consuming of the attention that I place on my self in daily activity. At the same time I find this is entirely sufficient.

If I am alive, it’s pointless to try to discover, uncover or reframe the fact, at any rate to myself.

There is no need to seek external reasons, arguments or justification for the fact that my heart beats and my consciousness is aware.

“I am that I am” could be a caption to an abstract pictorial depiction of the never-ending thermo-nuclear reaction which is life coursing throughout my being!

By simple extension, life courses through all beings. Counter-intuitively, this universal condition of fiery connection to the power of the life is more often than not taken for granted, sidelined as a given.

I write my blog “EveryNow” to raise awareness of the power of the will to live.

The will to live is that instant involuntary reaction by every one of us, from our earliest days alive, to any threat to our existence. It is our direct and sacrosanct connection to the eternal glorious prime source of being.

The mystery of the will to live I celebrate, with passion, gratitude, humility and with all the powers to express my love of life at my human disposal, including in my EveryNow.

I raise awareness of this self-sustaining self-protecting, self-affirming life force, because the instinct to maintain alive life is an inherited, permanent, universally present, direct and instantaneously available link to a multiplicity of ways to envision redemption and healing. It is also a way for humanity to grow into a collective maturity.

~ Love is present EveryNow

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