♥️ 🍀EveryHeart EveryNow🍀 ♥️

♥️ 🍀EveryHeart EveryNow🍀 ♥️
The more I find out about myself, the less I need to try to be me, because I see I am everyone.
Everyone is a Pixel of Humanity.
We are born out of love, with our share from birth of the mysteries of the creative power of peace.
All individuals arrive with the fabulous history of our birth. We are all formed by the essences of peace and love, which are the foundations of continuing primitive survival.
From the time we can conceive of our own truth, those truths are understood as elemented by peace and love.
What are those powerful moments of our earliest understanding of some essential shared truth about our condition, if they are not moments of powerful peace? Ah, the beauty of our very first rainbow? The first reveals of the answer to “am I alone?”
There are ways to find oneself. It can be like mining for treasure. The essential nature of the individual is Peace and Love. When these are seen as starting points for finding our truths, then the truths of ourselves are seen as the same as the truths of all others. This is the basis of the compassionate view.
The amazing thing that comes from the compassionate view is that we all suffer through the time of our birth and on from there for all our days. The will to search for the ways to remove that suffering is powered by our will to survive hand-in-hand with original will to live.
The common values we share are seeded by our ‘birth-day’ gifts of peace and love which we protect and nourish with our instincts of survival.
How we choose to do this throughout life is what can add value throughout our time alive. Our choices can make us amazing; they can also lead us into a living death, as with acts of savage barbary.
We all have unlimited potential for realising our value through compassionate action.
Choose to discover your heart. It is no speleological expedition! Simply smile towards your heart, and your heart will smile back at you with all the disarming heat of the first smile of recognition between lovers!
Wear your heart on your sleeve.
The more I know about my heart, the more I love how my heart loves me, and the more I know myself to be everyone.

50 years of redemption and salvation

A story of 50 years of redemption and salvation

Whenever I hear someone’s story of their 360° round trip on the river of tears, I feel a mix of pain and frustration. My gut says, “It ain’t necessarily so!” because it puts me in mind of a circular journey I knew so well.

I am a soul filled with a joyful heart. I am blessed with this grace because my heart has lived through suffering.

I must state my position. Many years I spent with my heart uncomprehendingly engaged in a mood of gloom. I lived close to the edge of the world.

I could only grieve for the beautiful security of how things were, because I had lost contact with that most natural of gifts that all sentient beings share – to love to live in the flow of the present moment.

The will to live – that resource of legendary power – knows no past or future. If I live in the fullness of this present moment, I know nothing of any “threat” to my existence, because a threat can only exist in the context of the future-in-the-past. Similarly, if all I am is joy-of-present, I shall have no care for the past.

The reality available to innocent babies and to all young sentient living beings is reality both all-encompassing and intensely personal, exactly as the Universe is both personal and vast. This reality is a self-awareness welded to and bonded with the will to live.

For the new-born, so for our grosser adult selves – we have an imperative to survive. Survival is the expression of our dependence on billions of iterations of our ancient genes in the moment-to-moment.

Mercifully, survival is maintained by autonomous life systems. The “test”, that all out awful emergency, is rarely handed over to us that we shall be obliged to take responsibility for our survival.

The continuum between life and death, the fulcrum of existence is as a magnificence. A magnificence removed from the tick tock of time, contained in and available to us in the Grace of Present Here-and-Now.

In my late teens, before I ‘dropped out’, I searched for and found a precious union. I cleaved to “haeceity”, to the THISNESS of things. It hardly matters here what association this had to mainstream thought, the important fact is that this understanding of the essential nature of reality remains with me still today.

This found communion with the simplicity of “What is” is my bedrock, my source of strength, healthy well-being, and healing. It is also my ever-available portal to the most sacred space in the heart containing the source of endless peace and love present in us all, from which we come and to which we all return.

The ability to approach and become contiguous with the uncomplicated bliss of “What is” literally saved my sanity and on occasion my life.

After this, in my lost years (20 to 25) I became troubled with abnormal mood fluctuations, and was dependent on pharmaceutical and hospital support. My withdrawal from society caused much anxiety and pain to my parents, who did all they could to help me.

Arguably there have been several early-life traumas which predisposed me to this. I have been privileged to revisit my Inner Child, and I spent invaluable hours – under direction of my Shamanic Healer – in discovery of the selfless love with which He supported me during – and ultimately made possible my release from – early trauma.

With the dominance of low mood during those years, I lost my former ability to connect to the flow of the present moment. It felt like a bitter-sweetness, a sorry addiction to sorrow, much like a drug. For extended periods of time, probably prolonged by tranquillisers, this was my emotional home.

Mental states at unnatural levels of modulation determined that I ascribed meaning to both thoughts and situations which in “reality” hold no more significance than the superficiality of the fleeting moment.

An enormous burden of energy is required to deal with the trivia of day-to-day living as if they are issues of crucial importance. From this point of embarkation into the insoluble unknown, it is not far to go to arrive at Chaos – a total loss of the ability to assume responsibility for one’s thought and actions.

The problem that got to be crippling for me was that for a time I lost the objective ability to recognise superficiality for the extraordinary gift it is – the delightful flow of the fleeting moment.

This led to overwhelming feelings of banishment from the world of other people, who enjoy unperturbed superficiality.

My release from this state of exile from the present came in a detonation of Spontaneous Remission, a story I have journaled separately.

I now believe that there is a common denominator underlying the pain and helplessness of mental health sufferers. It is a common factor also for those who have tried with all their might to reunite with their sense of belonging in the world. Without co-ownership of self, and without some sort of recognition of the THISNESS we share in common – from the humble Lacewing to the outpouring of electromagnetic radiation in the Cosmos – peace seems constantly unattainable.

It is a vital life-affirming truth that the only constant is transience. We all rely on the unconditional acceptance of the flow of the fleeting moment for our conscious awareness to stabilise on a Single-point of unquestioned reference so we can make moment-to-moment judgements and take necessary decisions at a most basic level at the prompting of humdrum and fluctuating local circumstances.

Our innate condition is predicated on nothing more than our existence in physical form and our awareness in the Universe of objects and sentience. This is the fundamental reason we are alive. Life in us begins without our conscious volition, but we risk everything if we continue in life as if life were external to us.

Life is fully lived in the understanding of its array of power and beauty. Beauty and power are instantly available to those who make the effort to recognise themselves as transient bearers of their portion of brilliance in the array. Key to the recognition of their own beauty and power is the acceptance of the moment – the EveryNow – as life’s vessel and array.

I coined the word EveryNow in early 2016 to denote a cherished elevated state of being. The word has its roots in the understanding of the illusory nature of clinging to this or that, be it mood, perception, mode of thought, or time itself!

Mine is a story of 50 years of redemption and salvation. No other response than humility and continuous gratitude will do.

I devote much of my time to show how immediate, powerful and freely available is the juicy goodness of the force that some call the life force, others, the will to live, and still more know by words like love, hope, peace, heart. Alas! So few take the trouble to step over the threshold of words and love to live!

~ Love is present EveryNow

To my Muse

To my Muse
There is a current, a flow of power, which beckons, asks to be found.

From the earliest age of the dawning of reason, it asks to be heard.

Alone in a wild garden, a little boy caught the drift of it.

It came from a crystalline heart. It showed itself in my throat in the form of a tune voiced into my solitude. A solitude for the first time become great with meaning.

The melody is always the same. It is a grand, a grandiose orchestral pursuit. Cathedrals, temples, chambers of the heart can hardly contain its sacred theme.

The riff I sang matched the mood of this boy. I later went into the house and sang it to my Mother. She made a motherly nice comment.

As a young man, I began to recognise parts of this homespun improvisation in the music of others, and I knew myself to be a part of a common harmony – a pixel of humanity.

I never fully remember it. I never developed it into a memorisable form. I kept it private, my ‘plaint’, my ‘keening’ for my unknown, hurting, longing heart.

Today I sprout in these lonely lines this remembered memory of memory, and the flame of its flower is a visible wonder to me, father to myself.

Exactly like the passage of a rainbow, it beckons to the senses. It will never be captured.

The bass notes inflame, while the melody maddens like the sempiternel arch-old songs of the Sirens.

This is a sacred music, which can only be bashfully reflected in the performance of various forms – poetry, dance, painting, sculpture.

The more ephemeral is our way of reflecting the force of its current, the closer we come to tap into and draw purpose and courage from its strength. It is all mystery and achingly longed-for strength.

The presence of strength; the strength of presence. This is a reflection of the power of the eternal present

~ Love is present EveryNow

… because Love is present EveryNow

On the logarithmic scale, the human being stands at around the halfway point between the extreme small of subatomic particles and the extreme large of astronomical stellar aggregations.

It feels like I’ve been thinking about my place “here” for around 70 years.

One thing is clear, and it feels good, very good. I’m a part of it and the spirit of me is at home in my skin.

This idea of Cosmos of staggering, overwhelming, even crushing bigness makes no sense at all in the context of the peace at the centre of the spirit of me, of you, because Love is present EveryNow ~

[Galaxy cluster, IDCS J1426.5+3508, 10 billion light years distant]