Namasté OM

Namasté is a Hindu greeting. All human transactions are founded on our inevitable plurality of beings.

If I am to make meaningful contact with another, I must first know myself.

I contend that I have an innate sense of respect for the me I call myself.

I am aware of the overwhelmingly difficult task I face if I should try to or even think of attempting to end my own life.

The automatic self-preservation reflex shows itself in the earliest days of a baby’s life.
Such a newly existing being may not possess an objective frame of words such as, Reverence for Life.

Namasté is a way to greet another. When I say Namasté, I remind myself I still need to open the eyes of my eyes and see the reality of the being before me.

While I am in life, I am never able to meet myself as a separate physical entity. My original self is seeded from the beginning of time.

Simply put, the beginning of time is the peace and love from which all beings arise and to which all beings return.

I can slowly construct an image of the best that I can be by seeking to find reflections of the inborn self-honouring and self-respect latent in me when I look with humility into the face of another.

When I make the Namasté greeting, I am honoring the essential divinity inherent in the realities of I and other.

The spiritual meaning of NamastĂ©. When a person greets another with the feeling that “I am paying obeisance to the soul in the other,” then a ring of spiritual emotion is created within him. NamastĂ© creates vibrations to the one receiving the gesture. NamastĂ© creates a loop of bliss to pass positive energy on to the one receiving the gesture. Heart centers and chakras are said to connect during the divine saying.

* Acceptance and Sufficiency *

* Meditation on Awarenesses of Acceptance and Sufficiency *

These are awarenesses, resources of great value, that I am unlocking more and more on my Journey.

In seeking to embrace these, I am inspired by the example of a friend, whose startling quality of compassion in action and word has made me strive to understand the source, the better to emulate and assimilate this living spirit of compassion.

I see much value in the practice of Acceptance. Acceptance smoothly paves over the crevasses of treacherous impulse to blunder and bluff.

Daily, daily, I am in confrontation.

These are like great stirrings, as my hot indignation coming upon a selfish arrogant owner who is letting his dog “worry” swans.

Or these may be small stirrings: a person whose relationship to me commands respect, yet whose insistent manner rouses an aggressive response in me.

My responses stem from my self-regard blinkered from and blind to the life I share with people around me.

Acceptance is tearing away my blinkers. It’s me choosing to reach up to a panoramic viewpoint, consciously remaining exactly where I am, but at the same time giving myself the gift of the widest possible perspective at my location.

Once I arrive there – and I can choose to arrive in a flash – I am immediately reduced to my true size relative to “where I’m at”, and so I am released!

I am released from confrontation.

In my eyes, Acceptance is an unwavering loyal friend, as I walk hand in hand with my other awareness – Sufficiency.

If I calm myself and allow myself to come into closest connection with some external event, it can show me clearly and directly a total, utter and complete satisfaction – there can be no outside of ‘Sufficiency’.

Sufficiency is the time from the outside to the still-point centre of anything at all. 

Sufficient is a living beating newborn heart, a rust encrusted pencil sharpener, the fury of blind rage reboant, the fractal three of clover, the pale blue dot seen through Saturn’s rings. 

It suffices with a soundless extreme implosion of perfection not to know, not to have been present, never to have loved, never to be more than somewhat… 

It is my awareness of Sufficiency which links me directly to the sum of all joys.

Any joy of any sort piercing the living moment is sufficient.

If I go out and about with a pocketful of forethought, and if I encounter a delight, I need not let it enter me and then pass me by.

For example, I may be kissed, and as I stop taking breath, I let myself feel all the breaths I have ever breathed contained in that kiss.

I do not think, “This is a kiss”. A kiss which knows itself to be a kiss will instantly self-destruct and disappear as completely as if it had never been.

The treasure awaiting my discovery in any experience is made suddenly visible by my inborn ability to allow its inherent quality of Sufficiency to overtake both it and me.

Every such wholly-lived experience is so naturally powerful just because it arrives in my life carrying its own tiny share of the cosmic Big Bang.

For me, that presumed Singularity is where time, space, matter, co-exist with love. This is where we came from and where we will return.

Sufficiency is the end contained in the beginning.

Sufficiency may be said to be without form, because it allows for all potential outcomes from void. 

If I can only stop trying to dream, I can awake to find I am being dreamed by my dream.

The naked flesh of humility is clothed by sufficiency.

Awareness of Sufficiency has more gravity than its own mass! It is the cornerstone of Acceptance.

Acceptance extends, as does Humility, as does compassion, as does peace, indefinitely, infinitely.

Gratitude for these infinite sufficiencies!

~ Love is present  E v e r yN o w

The eyes of my eyes

It is an odd fact and it still doesn’t ‘reconcile’ with me, that all of the newness which arrived with my awakening opening heart in 2013, the “Year of my Life”, is still arriving unfiltered and continuing new.

Nothing seems to tarnish my outlook. No grey rime of familiarity impairs my vision of those daily events and witnessed insplashings of beauty that impact my five senses.

All is amazing, all is unique. It’s all new, and so I share.

I must share, because the child on the bus who points out of the window, and says “Oh look at that!” is also helpless, unable to resist making a show, and is propelled into sharing the pleasures of surprise.

A colour, shape, pattern (I love patterns), or something I see or hear is absorbed by my senses, processed by my brain and my precision engineered cogs rev up and so my heart revs up, too.

When my Father referred to me at his side as his “kiddie”, I felt diminished, dismissed as less than significant. This happened even when I was a young teenager. He meant nothing by it, but how it made me fume!

Today, sixty years older, I notice I see and hear with the ears and eyes of a kiddie. For this grace of holding hands with the natural world I am wide-eyed with gratitude.

Will it ever end? It is a way of envisioning endlessness which never even had a beginning. All that happened is that I had closed my eyes to it and placed my obedient heart in deep freeze.

I regained the vision of the intrinsic quality of what is, at one and the same time, the me I call myself and the material world of which the atomic me is composed.

What has, for its intrinsic quality, endlessness?

To many people the beginning of a ball of string is not visible, and so the mind tells the brain the start of the string is there somewhere. By the time the brain gets this idea, it is far far too late for the person to have come into a relationship with the entirety of the stringiness and ballness of the seen object.

To be able to see endlessness as a sensation sounds far-fetched. But it is not a requirement of endlessness that it be fetched.

Why bother to go fetch what is so near as to be already in me, in you, in everything everywhere, EveryNow?

Meanwhile, listen up! Be lucky! You might just hear the ball of string softly chuckle into its roundness.

EE Cummings says it in a poem I first read when I was only seventeen –

i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky;and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

(i who have died am alive again today,
and this is the sun’s birthday; this is the birth
day of life and love and wings and of the gay
great happening illimitably earth)

how should tasting touching hearing seeing
breathing any-lifted from the no
of all nothing-human merely being
doubt unimaginable You?

(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)

Bliss, my red Heart!

The germ of the idea of the magic bathing to be found outside in the Big Green came to me in 1978.


I had just begun going into the Surrey Hills for planned solo rambles, rucksack, map, water bottle, camera and all.

After about half an hour, I’d stop grumbling about the effort, and I noticed a falling away of mind chatter.

Then my senses of sight and sound received a perfectly bionic boost.

Walking on in this state, the blindingly ordinary reveals itself stark naked, and the silences of the Big Green all a-growing explain to me at unambiguous extreme high volume not that they have nothing whatsoever to tell me that I didn’t know, but that before I let my red-red heart off its leash to roam free, I didn’t remember I had forgot what I had always known forever. 

Bliss, my red Heart!


~ Love is present E v e r yN o w