Consider light

* Consider light *

It radiates from every source.
Galaxies. The stars. Our Sun. Fires, both natural – caused by lightning, volcanoes, spontaneous combustion.

And fires made by us, electrical and electronic.

Spectacular Aurora, fiery light from the Sun’s plasma in collision with atoms in Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Out of our sight from below, those rare, natural, elusive Sprites, blue jets and ELVES. 

Bioluminescence (my favourite !) from fireflies, glow-worms, fungi, algae, sea and deep ocean creatures.

Consider light reflected from our Moon.

Light reflects and scatters from every surface that receives radiated light.

Desert sands and seahorse-flecked waves under clear night skies.

Iridescent beetle cases, butterfly wings, hummingbird feathers.

Entire oceans and ice-capped mountain ranges under midday sun reflect and/or refract and sometimes even polarise received light.

Now consider this.

Light has always been light,

from the early period in the young youth of the Universe, when light began to escape.
All this light, this energy from all sources, travels and fills space in every direction all the time.

Imagine a Universe with no eyes.

No eyes to capture and focus light, and no neural receptors to sense and interpret it.

Before the existence of and without the optical receptors of animate life, there is a Universe awash with light.

In this Universe is indiscernible form and there are no bounded shapes of any kind.

In fact, in this condition of complete absence of rational observers, no information beyond light’s natural wavelengths, frequencies and amplitudes is conveyed by the omnipresent light.

Omnipresence without sentience has validity as existence, which could be thought of as an abstraction of pure innocence, but it is quantified first and only as undifferentiated.

I am reminded of the phrase in Genesis, “And the Earth was without form, and void”. This is the description of Earth before the Spirit of God moved, and before God said, “Let there be light”. The next event was, “God saw the light, that it was good”.

Precisely because we are differentiated, and because we have the innate ability to see that this is so, we have experience of animate life.

And all our love, gratitude, joys, and transcendent longings have their origin here.

Only see the light.

Light has always been light, even during the babyhood of the Universe, before light could escape!

Light has it.

It begins with every sentient being, with you, with me.

Electromagnetic energies, of which visible light is a portion, are constituent with our human form. And these energies animate our humanity, as well as they flow us through the time-lines of our human existence.

It begins all the time.

Light is EveryNow

~~ Love is present  E v e r yN o w

Creation being created by us

*CREATION is in process of being created by us*

I can cuddle up to this idea.

So when I look out on the high street,
or town,
on the next gathering,
waiting queue,
crowded beach,
packed stadium,
trainload or planeload of voyagers,

I know I shall see









colour therapists,

crystal liaisers,













Heart warriors,


layers-on of hands


living Angels,



medicine women,

and medicine men,


miracle workers,




music therapists,


the odd prophet,

the odd,










sacred dancers,

sacred geometrists,


Shamanic healers,

shining souls,






spirit therapists,



voodoo workers,

white witches,

witch doctors,

wise ones,



All Folk 
All creating reality
All like me
And you

* Flames of passion *

* Flames of passion *

  When I am filled with Hiraeth, I regard my own longing for the ineffable beauty of a heart known but not seen; a longed-for heart – deeply loved, but always over the horizon; a heart massively generous and overflowing with loving affection – but never in the same room as me.

  Some days I may run, run, and I pick up speed and I begin to smile a secret smile to imagine the outline of my heart’s delight?

  This chase is always shadows in the water.

  What I am nevertheless aware of is the quality of my yearning – it is like golden flames.

  When the flames come on strong and blind out my thoughts about the flames, I can allow myself to be still and observe myself aflame.

   In such moments, when there is nothing standing between my passion and the experience of my passion, I see my heart is on fire with flames which consume nothing.

  That my heart beats is abiding wonder.

  My heartbeat continues to be perfectly sufficient for me to rise and fall; for my life to fall and rise.

  The flames of my passion – exactly like the leaves on the tree – are their own reason for love to exist.

~ Love is present  E v e r yN o w

♡ Meditation on the heart ♡

♡ Meditation on the heart ♡

The physical universe has its own natural dignity in the general order of existence. That dignity deserves its own respect.

Reality is apparent through the detection of its magnificent spectrum of wavelengths.

Where reality ends and something else begins, possibly connected with quantum reality, or to do with the threshold of an important and blindingly beautiful stasis, is also a boundary which we are privileged to inhabit.

Nothing is black and white. Light is infinitely graduated.

So too Love.

Everything is just how it is. I come back again and again to realising that the Way of Being of whatever we attend to is entire and sufficient to itself. It is enough.

Everything is always perpetually and without exception enough.

The appreciation of Sufficiency is an expression of the way the universe loves its own witnessers. This is a love that holds and contains those gigantic primal energies science has been showing us.

Intense love quenches every last residue of fear.

The potent awareness of such love is self sustaining. It feels like perpetual motion, eternally safe !

I sometimes like to call it EveryNow.

There is a final resting place for the restless mind. That place is a place of no-location. It is where safety is unconstrained by and unconcerned by time. It is a flowing source of giving. It is a not-there which is available instantly, whenever we as individuals need it.

Though we clearly feel it as being limitless, its quality of unconditional giving is always specifically directed to our own heart. Here we glimpse the uninterrupted incorruptible unity of which everything, time, matter and energy, is composed.

Love is the answer

   To which

      No question exists

~Stand in the light of your own being~

“Feel the peace and beauty of connecting to your heart…”

~Stand in the light of your own being~

I am always of the belief that it is possible to walk “through” the Stargate portal of your pain and hurt and to have an insight that allows it all, every trace, to drop away so you can “let it be”. This is an insight into absolute love where fear is dissolved and loses its power completely.

You must know I have had the good fortune to pass through some form of Stargate. But to reach there, I had to have lived more than a handful of decades, be retired and released from the nine-to-five grind, and I had to undergo several epiphany experiences accompanied by some shining new true soulfriends.

Before you arrive in the presence of such a magic portal, it’s likely you’ll still need to arrive at more old journey destinations on the way, tear down clinging overgrown undergrowth, see yourself in the old places clearly and let their real significance carve deep grooves into your present you for the first time.

Only by marching onto these stepping stones of uncertainty are you going to have a chance to release the leaden weights and unseen shackles, so you can see them for the illusions they represent, and then walk tall, the walk of your life.

The structures that have become so vital to the security and safety of your self and to which you have devoted so much energy in their construction and maintenance, these are firmly planted defences.

You have become accustomed to handle them in a conscious, deliberate and deliberative way.

You have framed them in words. Although they are only words, like weights and shackles, these words could have taken on the shapes and forms of shackles and weights.

I know as fact you can always stand in the light of your own being at a moment’s notice.

You may be moved to seek help and find it with an intermediary.

You may find the light of your being quite unexpectedly homes in on you, with a beam like a searchlight from which there is no escape.

What can happen when the shocking, perplexing clear vision of the beauty of your own soul meets you in the face?

Either you are obliged to accept the plain truth of your angelic being, or you opt to refute the experience, telling yourself platitudes handed down to you from the bland phrasebook of socially acceptable conformity.

This encounter with the happening magnificence of your own being has not any words to enscribe, describe or circumscribe it. It is without doubt yours before question or answer.

You have already entered many times into wordless wonder of living. You know what it is of course. It is something that sometimes happens. In your day to day existence, you are far nearer the shimmering entrance portal than you can begin to imagine. Step through and be where the wonder of living is too intense for words.

And the space, the extremely real place, perhaps the only space which is real, and which lies ever glowing at a constant brightness (the ‘bright’ of peace and love), is the directly lived experience, the Now.

Now is not a mere moment. Now is every moment constructed from every possible previous combination of moments suffused to saturation with begininglessness and endlessness – it is EveryNow.

EveryNow exists completely without reference to a frame of words, or whether it is thought of, sought for, or is ignored willingly or negligently.

Blink, and you can find yourself in it.

It in you.

Just be ready. Ready for the invitation.

If you give any of this a modicum of credence, be ready. Your best tribute to it and to your innate beauty is to be ready. Listen up to your instincts of self preservation, to your inner certainty that you would truly like it to turn out to be a schmaltzy, rose-scented pink cloud, and continue to be ready.

The way to get close enough to the magic of EveryNow, so that it can guzzle you all up into its roseate field of rosy glory, is to be prepared and ready to take at face value its invitation card: Infinity.

Sleep is as precious as wakefulness. Sleep is close to infinity. Sleep is a hallowed gift. Wrap it with respect, give yourself to it. Sleep well

I am a creature of thoughts

*No question; answer is before*

I am a creature of thoughts. I think because I think. I am amused and bemused by the thoughts I listen to.

I receive parental and peer suggestion that encourage me to rely on my “powers of thought”.

I am later informed of the pointlessness of over-thinking, and later still I am warned about giving credence to the chattering “monkey” mind.

I am in truth another creature of the gardens of Eden, alike unto the sentient beings who share my air, earth, and water.

I am naturally attuned to the rhythms of light and dark, hunger and thirst.

I am another seeker after warmth and the supportive companionship of others like myself.

The time I spend in awareness of my own awareness is self absorbing and attractive.

How much time do I devote to my physical comfort, to awareness of my bodily condition?

What feedback is my muscular framework giving me?

What if any noteworthy messages am I receiving from my soma, my joints and tendons, my fascia, the involuntary state of my breathwork?

I can do myself a simple and all-too-rare an honour by listening to myself, by conversing with my soma.

I, as five-pointed star creature, breathe and beat time to a clock of blood.

The form of this timepiece is as far from the assumed reality of my bird-like thought patterns as the ocean depths are from the jetstream.

Pause and see all these are interconnected.

It is when I am injured or unwell that I can see examples of the ungraspable timescales on which my body clock operates.

As I begin to recover, to recuperate, I cannot see any needle on a dial that moves towards wholeness or wellness. It becomes apparent with hindsight, and then only by an effort of will, that I can compare yesterday with today and observe minor changes for the better.

Happiness depends so much more than I have been led to believe on living, on carrying out the routines that sustain my bodily functions.

To tell myself I depend on one part or other of who I am – whether it is mind, body or spirit – is to miss the point.

I am inclined to grasp at fleeting satisfactions, pleasures, successes, drownings. Howsoever tangible they are, they are passing moments in the greater flow.

When the flow is seen to be where and what and who I am part of, that is when I can rest, take my ease, find comfort and be for the most part at peace with myself and with my fellows.

“Summer and Winter Come and go

See the sense of season

Sleep naked of reason”