A quiet time together

🌿 A quiet time together 🍃

I and some others, who took part in the guided Tree Walk with Anthony Goh one morning at Colourfest in 2013, intensely felt the experience and came away with deep impressions from the trees themselves.

The two most tactile tangible realities we are all intimately in connection with throughout our existence are other human beings within the animal world, and grass, flowers and trees, as well as the plants we eat as food in the world of vegetables.

I write this again, as new leaves are all unfurling, in gratitude to Anthony Goh.

— Earth Mother bore our shoeless dancing feet with tender green love. Sky Father trees, all unconscious of their benign majesty, held millions of green solar flags high over us.

— At Colourfest 2013, our experience with Tree Walk on Sunday, two by two, now eyes shut, now eyes open, touching, embracing, discovering the treeness of trees in the way of young lovers, while we bathed in the peal of bells blown towards us on a light warm breeze from Wimborne St Giles Church, was the pinnacle of bliss. It deeply moved all who took part, whether first-timers like myself, or not.

— The shockingly blissful conjunction of ourself with trees to the serious and gentle promptings of Anthony Goh was, in one word, thrilling.

— From that day on, my relationship with trees changed forever. For one thing, trees to me are no longer there like items which happen to be in my line of sight outside of me. They are fellow beings. Every one has a life story, a unique identity – a Treesonality.

Every one has an inner smile which I know I can share just by spending a little quiet time with the Treeness of Trees.

~ Love is present EveryNow


Meditation on Strength

A meditation on strength ⚡

A meditation on Strength

This image presents as a shield for a meditation on Strength.

The viewer is invited to place their attention on either elevation, facing or from the obverse.

Intermediate rotational views are available from every degree of the 360°.

Views are freely available in yaw, roll and pitch, in any desired combination of the axes of rotation.

If no attention is directed, if no thought comes, if there is no light, no dark, no significance of any kind, what remains for those who may be about to turn from this offered gift?

Intense purity of peace and love remain.

With the law of conservation of energy, nothing at all goes to waste.

The continuation of the streaming of powerful loving kindness remains.

Nothing passes unnoticed to the compassionate eye.

Love present EveryNow is powerful like the  unimaginable energies lolling in the interior of the Sun.

Love present EveryNow is tender like the last rays of light, which took a hundred thousand years to come to the surface of the Sun, and which trickle over the  horizon’s edge at the setting of the Sun

~ Love is present EveryNow

💫 There is no “end”, only endless beginning 💫

The stark truth of the transience and the impermanence of living has never, in most of our lifetimes, been so vivid and so fearfully close to our day to day.

I arrived for a holiday in Israel. Two days later war was declared.

During a war, no one has a convenient book to pull off the shelf to look up how it all ended.

I have grown to love, respect and feel comfortable with the immediate reality of the reality of continual change.

Make no mistake, I fear for us all. 

At the same time, change is a pivotal quality of the present moment – the EveryNow. It’s my happy place.

Welcome, dear Heart. Welcome to my happy place!

~ Love is present EveryNow

The thing about trying

The thing about trying

The thing about trying is it’s so easy to forget that search and arrival are minor punctuation in the flow of the impermanent ever-changing unvarying transience of it all.

Flow and flux are good reminders of where reality really is at…


~ Love is present E v e r yN o w

For the journey to begin, first it is necessary to arrive

[photo by Susan Scott, poet]

“For the journey to begin, first it is necessary to arrive”

The journey has no end in any sense of the word “end”. It begins all the time and always.

“I arise, I flower, I am to melt away”

The journey analysed melts into millions of fragments I call EveryNow.

These EveryNow fragments resemble the diamonds of light my early childhood self remembers seeing, when I wandered out of our home into a Midsummer dawn.

The sunrise came filtering through light rain on the eastern horizon. Everywhere everything was bathed in a rare, ethereal, rosy orange glow.

As the rising sunlight grazed the dew drops on the cow pasture, the small boy I was saw the meadow as a sea of diamond rainbow lights.

Dreamlike is the quality of the journey which is clasped in the peace of acceptance.

The dissolution of the journey becomes the journey.
I seek not the journey, I seek to become.

In the becoming, peace grows an intimate wildflower meadow in my heart.

My pilgrim heart contains all the peace I need for a fulfilled and fulfilling life.

~ And Love is present EveryNow

…. .♪♡♪. ….

…. .♪❀♪. …. 

My little boy had this transcendental experience in the Midsummer sunrise over the meadow!

Mum and I were in our thatched cottage in the quietest countryside. The cottage is shown on the Domesday Book map.

It’s one of a few in a traffic free hamlet named Sedrup Green set around a cow pasture at the end of a single track lane where farm labourers dwelt.

On this morning my Mum was asleep. I must have opened my eyes and seen the eeiry red cast outside. I let myself out of the house and I walked around in disbelieving wonder at the way everything glowed under the same ruddy red rosy light.

I remember standing facing the sun and I shifted my weight slightly in my sandalled feet to capture the tiny rainbow glints refracted off the dew drops in the longer grasses.

God knows how long I stayed there receiving this benediction. It was long enough that my 73⅞ old self today can return to my boy soul and be with his enchanted subdued excitement. 

He felt the need to share this phenomenon. And this revertion of attention to a third party caused him to become aware of his presence in the graceful silence of the overarching dawn skies.

This grace somehow belonged to him. It quickened him as he observed himself the solitary privileged witness to one of the glories of the natural world freely visible, offered unconditionally.

Just as it had arrived, this temple of grandiose pink silence was beginning to slip away and meld into something underwhelmed. 

As the sun rose higher, I kept an afterburn image, which I now clasped tight in my child heart.

I ran back inside the house. I said to my Mother, “Mummy, there are Diamonds in the grass!”


Shantih Shantih Shantih

The pain and confusion of the dark

>The pain and confusion of the dark<

It is at least half a century since I lived the pain and confusion of the dark.
How much can I usefully contribute to comfort and encourage you in your dark time?

In the six years since I re-joined the Tribe, the peer group, and entered freely into open-hearted communion with like friends, I am rediscovering the world of connection as I go.

For me, after a falling away of trying and trying, and the beginnings of acceptance had crept into and become allied with my day to day curiosity, the way out of the dark was to place myself in the way of making acquaintances and friendships.

It is a step which requires a certain amount of bravery. But not more than, say, deciding to run for that bus, and not just to let it drive off without me.

You are preoccupied. You may feel plagued. Stand back from the troubles inside, face outwards with curiosity and bravery.

Look to immerse your attention in person in the presence of other prople’s lives, however different or trivial seeming to what you feel you are enduring.

By being a listener, by giving your precious presence, merely as a sincere witness, both you and the one on whom who you attend will be transformed. It’s not like change; it’s about transformation.

Things began to dramatically shift when I was curious enough and brave enough to join small groups with regular activities.

After about half a century, I began to notice the mirroring in other people.

Yes, the groundwork during that long time span had been prepared by travels through various powerful epiphany experiences along the way. I have set them down elsewhere on my Facebook page. Search for “epiphany” in my EveryNow blog.

All my life, I had taken it for granted that my light belonged hidden under that bushel!

I had so often played down positive comments about me, even from my Mother and Father, that I had lost interest in myself. I hardly gave my morning reflection a second glance.

I began to understand that I had no idea at all who this person I call myself actually is. It was hard to see “me” in photos of me.

I received a terrifying and desperate shock when I tried to recall the face of the blissful little boy I remembered who was strolling in a flower meadow in the early 1950s.

To my horror, there was only a pale oval where my childish features should have been clear to recognise!

I no longer recognised the person others recognised when they saw –  really saw – me.

This is not to say I never saw others. My desire to see others deeply, wholistically and using all my intuition, mind and soul had always been accentuated by the ever-present ‘clouds of unknowing’ which surrounded my image of me.

Today I accept without reservation it is to some degree or other perfectly true to say we are all of us without any exceptions at all, amazing, beautiful, miraculous, even angelic beings.

Through my new found contact, sometimes very intimate contact, as in the joyful practise of regular Biodanza, I arrived at a starting point – the basic premise of which is that we are Love.

“I am Love”. Utter tosh? Wishy-washy slackness of mind?

When I first saw those words, it was in 2013. They made no sense. Read them backwards, forwards, in any order, I still thought some key word must be missing.

I was Love-blind.

I began to feel severely challenged when I tried to maintain my closed-off, shut-down, received attitude of “No not me”, which is inculcated into all of us from our earliest socialising years by wider society.

And then I surrendered.

I was obliged to stop and stand still, when I was brought face-to-face with the light of my original self by repeated “mirrorings” from new people all around me.

These were people I had begun to deeply respect. I began to see with my eyes, possibly for the first time in 66 years, the light of other people’s integrity shining with unconditional trust from their own hearts’ source.

I can never dowse the brilliant and beautiful shocking startlement of finding myself, eye-to-eye, momentarily in the shared sacred space of the heart of another!

I embraced – literally – that fact… I am Love. We are all Love.

“Go meet others” probably sounds trite. But triteness here makes it more, not less valid.

I am drawn to say that the unbearable absence of light and the terrible destructive pain of not being able to find some way of your own to fill the absence is all illusory.

Of course the pain is real. But only as real as the strength of desire aroused by the thought of eating some favourite, but unavailable delicacy.

Thoughts such as these that never lead anywhere but into the dark are an ever-present part of our human condition.

Luckily for our peace of mind and our sanity, with a minimum of training, such thoughts can be spotted as they approach, and we allow them to dissolve, long before they come too close, bite, draw blood, and embed.

If you seek the answer, do not question.

There is no question.

Nothing is buried hidden.

There is always only the answer.

What is the answer? The answer is like two children playing Hide-and-seek.

One counts to twenty, eyes closed.

When the eyes open, oh the shock! The other child never ran to hide, but stayed in front and in plain sight, grinning!

We are human.

Our hearts are not designed for loneliness and our bodies are not capable of tolerating much physical pain.

We are beings.

There is no such thing as a vacuum. No such attainable point as Absolute Zero. The reality of an atom is in an energy equilibrium composed of multiple particle-waveforms replete with unlimited potentiality in spectacular extreme motion.

So it is with us! 

A being gains in sentience from other beings, starting with its ancestral origins, and all throughout life and on.

There is no meaning and no value in the dark whirlpool.

All any of us need in order to feel a sense of completeness is the witness of true friends. A friend who knows they are constituted of love can always bring me again into the light of my original being for the simple reason that I am love.

Fly! Decide to fly.

I cannot usefully say more. Life is sparkling, ever shifting brilliance. Be dazzled. Go well

~ Love is present EveryNow