Sacred human

🌦️Sacred human🌦️
In our times, scientific research affords us quite a close understanding of the scale of the Cosmos in relation to this, our human stone construct raised in reverence of it.

Now I see this stone circle displays magnificence – it being forged up toward the implacable unknowable heavens through sweat and intellect, blood brotherhood, blood sisterhood.

And I see it displays an animal’s extreme, unsullied, inborn modesty. A modesty on display to hundreds of thousands of our generations. An unconscious puniness on the part of creatures who acted to preserve and remember the humility of their existence spurred on only by the evidence of their physical existences, led by the heart, at the insistent and unyielding promptings of the soul.

At one and the same time, this circle of stones blesses the builders for their ability to look beyond their small lives, and it frames the builders – and it blesses us too, their descendents – for our being Cosmic beings, conscious, celebratory, humble, proud, sacred human

My instant seeds my awareness

* My instant seeds my awareness *
Brief! My life is absurdly brief
My awareness is sufficient and all Sufficiency is latent joy
Brief is my life. Brief
I am anchored by joy flying my awareness
Brief! Life is absurdly brief
Joy of the sufficing instant is the bubble of nascent gratitude burst open
Your eternity and mine are microcosmic small
Waves of understanding bioluminesce.
No time. No time in short life for time
Awareness of joy is more than sufficient. Drink drink the dazzle display

How brief is all of our eternity, you and I, when one instant of it, just one is enough to frolic in the ocean of our instants ?