Pixels of Humanity

There is strictly no meaning for us in these our human frames of reference to search for a completion, an arrival at knowledge whose purity contains no further questions.

At the risk of inflaming the competitive or the belligerent, I’m saying the highest achievement of thought is to arrive at a position from which we can say, “The only wisdom we can hope to acquire is the wisdom of Humility. Humility is endless.” (ts eliot)
This is an entirely satisfactory conclusion.
By this I mean it is one which satisfies my deepest need to identify with a balance between my Awareness as a sentient being and Sufficiency of purpose in mind and body.
I am talking also of the mystery of union, close or not, between two shining souls. I am speaking of the rapture between two people who share mutual and equal respect and reverence. Eye-to-eye uncomplicated rapture instills an urgent sense of impending fulfilment, when each allows the other in to share the most sacred personal space of the heart for a little time.
But the acquisition of the wisdom of humility concludes nothing at all!
It is one set of tools by which to travel and measure and reflect on my life among other lives in a swarm of beings, every one of whom is their own representative of the peace and love of which we are constituent parts, from which we come, and back to which we are all walking.
Pixels of humanity dancing each other home
~ Love is present EveryNow

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