Infinity — the Permanent Invitation

Infinity – the Permanent Invitation 
“Feel the peace and beauty of connecting to your heart…”

I am always of the belief that it is possible to walk “through” the Stargate portal and to have an insight so immediate and all pervasive that your pain and hurt, every trace, drops away, and at last you can “let it be”.

This is an insight into love absolute, a place, a real place, where fear evaporates before it can take shape.

You must know I have had the good fortune to pass through some form of Stargate portal. To reach here, I had to have lived more than a handful of decades, to have retired, and to have experienced release from over 40 years of nine-to-five grind. I have undergone several epiphany experiences, closely accompanied by some shining, new, rare and true Soulfriends.

Before you arrive in the presence of such a magic portal, it’s likely you’ll still need to arrive at more journey destinations on the way. 

You will need the Companionship of Time. Time to see the places you visit for their unidentifiably curious, fluid flowing shapes as they take root inside you. Time to tear down overgrown undergrowth, so you can see yourself clearly in the old stations of the journey. 

The Companionship of Time is what you’ll need to allow the real significance of your arrivals and departures to carve deep grooves from which ancient tears are released. It will be necessary to allow their springs of redemption to overflow into your present you for the first time.

Only by touching courageous naked feet fearlessly onto invisible stepping stones such as these will you understand your leaden ankle weights and dragged shackles represent nothing so much as illusions. 

Released, you will walk tall, and it’ll be the walk of your life! 

The structures that have become so vital to the security and safety of your known self and to which you have devoted so much energy in their construction and maintenance, these are structures you have become accustomed to handle in a conscious, deliberate and deliberative way. “Framed in finite words”, as for example: weights and shackles.

Just like you, I know you can always stand in the light of your own being at a moment’s notice.

You may be moved to seek help, and find it with an intermediary.

You may find the light of your being homes in on you of its own accord, with the searchlight beam of from your own unsuspected, unexpected lighthouse. 
This can shock, startle and even perplex you.

You may be faced with a choice. 
Do you accept the fact that your soul is staggeringly beautiful? Do you accept that your own heart beats out love-songs of praise and glory to you? Or do you opt to refute the experience, and in doing so tell yourself platitudes handed down to you from the bland limp phrasebook of socially acceptable conformity? 

This encounter with the happening magnificence of your being has not any words to enscribe, describe or circumscribe it. It’s yours before question or answer.

I say the nature of our being is independent of question or answer. 
You have already entered many times into wordless wonder of living. You know it as an extreme that happens extremely.

You are far closer than you can begin to imagine to the shimmering entrance portal through which the glories of living are too intense for ordinary words. 

The space, the extremely real place, perhaps the only reality, and which ever glows at a constant brightness (the “bright” of peace and the “ness” love), is the directly lived experience, the Now.

Now is not a mere moment. Now is every moment, suffused to saturation with infinitudes of beginninglessness and endlessness – I call it EveryNow.

EveryNow exists complete, without reference to a frame of words. EveryNow exists in completeness, independent of whether it is thought of, or sought after.

EveryNow exists completely and it is unaffected by being ignored, or overlooked either by negligence or on purpose.
Blink, and you can find yourself in it… it in you.

All you need is to be ready. Ready for the invitation.

If you give any of what I describe a modicum of credence, then your best tribute to it, and to your own innate beauty, and to your instinct of self-preservation, is to be ready.

You owe it even to your inner conviction, your most privately held personal view that the invitation to EveryNow is but a schmaltzy, superfluous, rose-scented pink cloud, to be ready.

The way to get close enough to the magic of EveryNow, so that it can guzzle you all up into its roseate field, is to be prepared and ready to accept its invitation card: Infinity.
Infinity invites everyone all the time with EveryNow. 

Wakefulness is as precious as sleep. Remember sleep arrives bearing a unique gift. Sleep sleeps close to infinity. Sleep is a hallowed gift. Wrap yourself in it with respect, give yourself into its mystery. Sleep well, dear Heart  

Love is the answer

To which

No question exists

Your Place in Infinity – A Short Meditation Relaxation

Your Place in Infinity – A Short Meditation Relaxation

~spoken on Saint Valentine’s Day 2019

Listen to: Your Place in Infinity – A Short Meditation Relaxation.wav by peterodactyl #np on #SoundCloud

♡ A short relaxation meditation – Your place in Infinity ♡

You are full of potential.
Every time you breathe a cycle of breath, you refresh and refill your stock of human potential.

What will you choose to do next?

You need only choose to breathe and pay attention to your breath.

So do it.

Every thought you think is fired with potential.

Let thought happen.

Everything you say is a creation.
Go create! Only create!

Choose with me to create pictures of your potential today, as you breathe now.

Put your breathing in front of your own horizon.

Assume the identity of a mammal whose protection is fur.

It is cold. You see your breath as mist.

Be a wolf, fox, badger, bear. Be the identity you most identify yourself with right now.

As you glide into the spirit of your chosen feral creature, fellow animal, use your new acute senses of sight, smell and wild intuition to seek out your own favourite lookout.

This is your vantage point, a lookout. This is your place, a secret place.

Here is your safety, tranquillity, security.

Here you stay, breathe, relaxed.

You are free from anxiety in this place.
Your loved ones, your family and all who know you and whom you know, are safe and well and cared for.

You are not hungry, neither do you thirst.
Your body is in balance. 

You are breathing to yourself, seated or lying comfortably. Those you count as nearest and dearest are behind you now as you sit pr lie looking outwards, towards the open ocean.

Hear how you breathe. How you breathe, and the rhythm of your breath, is as the rhythm of the ocean.

These sounds of waters in motion are familiar to your ears. These movements that give rise to surf sounds without end are familiar. They reassure your eyes.

Look over the ocean.

You are breathing the way the waves approach. Every time the waters meet land, the sounds they make are predictable.

The potential arrival of every individual wave carries a surprise. Every wave has a voice of its own. Every wave improvises its own crashing sounds. All dialects are heard in the movements of the ocean waters.

You breathe towards the ocean edges. Breathe in with the waves, breathe out again to the far horizon.

You feel simple pleasure as you gaze out easily over the enormous moving waters.

Breathe in, breathe out with those lives of the individuals you know.

Breathe out, breathe in and bless the parents and grandparents of those you know and love.

Every wave arrives from the far far horizon. And it is a new generation arriving from out of numberless old generations.

Breathe your appreciation. Your family, your generation, is safe at home.
They are the bringers of the next generation.

Breathe your respect. Respect for waves of all who arrived before.

Hear the breath of the waves of generations who breathed before you.

The waves of generations breathed in their trust in the potential existence of you.

Return their trust by the simple confirmations, now and now, of your breath – in and out – like the rhythms of Sun, Moon, Tides and Stars.

The waves of generations breathed out their love in just the same way as the waves you are watching climbed on their long journeys from beyond the horizon to be with you now and now and now. 

The waves of the generations are in your eyes and ears. Be glad of their washing cleansing presence inside your personal ocean!

The waves of the generations are in your salty red blood. Listen to them now in your beating beating heart.

See how they come towards you. Welcome the arrival of every wave of the generations.

Open your heart to the waves of the generations. You see them arrive at your feet They have all lived and loved.
Oh, how they have all lived and loved!

Breathe in high and deep.
Breathe out loud and long!

The story of the waves of the generations endlessly returns to mark a beat on the line of the shores of life.

They do this to show their love. They are the ones who loved. They are the uncountable waves of the generations who have come before, and whose love has made “you” possible.

Breathe in their rolling procession of potential.
Breathe out your wonder, your gratitude, your love.

See the magnificence of the waves of generations.

They show the stars the way to the shore.
And starlight mixes flickering into the ocean and is gone

Spoken on Saint Valentine’s Day 2019 

The journey has no end

The journey has no end in any sense of the word “end”.

It begins always.

The journey analysed dissolves into millions of fragments I call EveryNow.

They are like sunlight refracted off myriad drops of dew in an early childhood memory of a meadow on a summer dawn.

The dissolution of the journey becomes the journey.

I seek not the journey, I seek to become.

In the becoming, flowers a personal meadow which contains all the peace needed for a fulfilled and fulfilling life.

~ Love is present EveryNow

A cry that escaped from my Mother

I am haunted by a cry that escaped from my Mother while she was very depressed.

I think she may also have suffered from Bi-Polar but in the early 1960’s there was little or no understanding of it.

She said, “I have been a bad mother to you!” Absolutely not, of course. And I did try to tell her so.

She died many years later in 1975, and by that time she had found a tremendous amount of peace and personal reconciliation.

However, she could not have known how my life was to become one of success in terms of peace of mind, stability, and my ability to maintain myself in quality employment.

Still less could she have guessed or even believed that I would become a happy father of a sweet healthy family in a long term loving relationship of conventional marriage. Thirty-nine years and counting.

Some things are only given to us to fully know at some distant and unknowable point. In the grand timescales of the Universe. Cause and effect may be linked, yet the threads of connection are forever beyond our everyday understanding.

There is a somewhere where she knows we are all healthy and happy.

For this my heart is at peace. For this my gratitude has no end.

I know this… You and I and all of humanity are subject to the same mysteries of love on immensely grand unknowable cosmic timescales

Freedom beyond imagined desire

We live in Southbourne-on-Sea, mere seconds walk from the clifftop path, looking West, East and South out over the long reaching fin of the north-east Atlantic — call it The Channel, call it La Manche.
The surface is forever changing, surprising, pleasing.
But it’s the teeming collective sea-lives I am imagining, as I stand, look and open up my submariner senses.
I take my imagining under and deep.
I tense and relax inside of the cubic kilometers of freedom. Freedom as beyond any fixed measure as a sphere. Freedom beyond imagined desire.
I let me to wander alongside the floating populations, the slow tribes, the single species moving with one accord. With my mouth, with my eyes, I lead. My undulating slow tail follows.
This is a place of communication. The crustaceans, the fish, all go clickety on their busy ways.
Half a lifetime of my puny swimming, and I come into earshot of the fabled Songs of Whales, those companies of poets and musicians. My mammalian relatives have developed their societies, and they live out the proud cycles of their generations on the same scale as this oceanic universe.
And I find I too can float, and I let my five-pointed star body hang with the barely visible bodies, the water-clouds of trillions, the fractal delicacy of diatoms.
I strain a little, look below and I see the swaying of the dark slippery forests of kelp.
Against my flanks I sense the varied gradients of pressure, from abyssal deep to top frothing waves.
At depth, my body is belittled by vibrations of very long wavelengths, many orders of magnitude greater that the hugest floorstanding bass speakers. This unaccustomed effect is unnerving and soothing in equal measure.
My sensitive skin is surprised by the variegated temperature shifts in the flows of water bands.
The diversity of temperature and pressure in these limitless, liquid, gravity-bound masses I compare, in my air-breather way, to the hourly, diurnal and seasonal colour changes in our familiar etherial domed world.
All awestruck, I visit and I revisit the subsurface of my mind’s eye, because it is a massive naked mirror to the elsewhere worlds of air and starry night skies
~Love is present EveryNow
[For the photo, my thanks to Heike Jenkins’ Zippo, Fierce Contemplator of Oceans]

It’s what hearts do!

“When you talk to yourself in your mind, which self do you address? And how? Usually people do not talk to their divinity, but to the most superficial aspects of their everyday personality.
And often its a stream of fears, and mindless repetition of old things. If we talked that way to another human being, we would have to apologise.
Learning to talk properly to the self is a spiritual endeavour. Thoughts from the past and worries about the future do not create good conversation. Instead learn to talk to your mind as if it were a child. Talk to it with love.
If you just force a child to sit down, he won’t. A good mother knows how to prompt her child into doing what she wants.
Be a good mother to your mind, teach it good, positive thoughts so that when you tell it to sit quietly, it will. Love your mind. Speak Stay happy.”
Peter Pilley 20160816: This advice is absolutely spot on, true and brilliant.
I say, speak to your own mind with all of the vocabulary of love that you can find. You have a wide and extensive memory full of loving phrases, love songs, love lyrics. Use these at every possible opportunity!
And become more and more inclined to reach out to yourself and to those nearest and dearest to your heart with these words of admiration, encouragement, praise and simple smiling kindness.
Let drop expletives, and rough-cut gutter words, because they can all be substituted by exclamations of positive surprise, even of love.
If you stop, make time for yourself, because there is something you can do. I do it.
Eyes closed, touch your fingertips into your own heart in a peaceful moment of open enquiry.
Put any smile on your face, and it is your smile to your own heart. You will see that all your heart ever wants to do, all it ever wanted to do, is to sing songs of love to the glory of you.
It’s what hearts do! And with practice, this is what you can see more and more clearly.
All of self love begins with conversations full of positive words, and reassurances.
I’d be inclined to first seek out those in my circle who have the honesty and compassion to say such things to my face…
And listen to them. And believe their words are sacred, because it is their heart who speaks ❤️❤️❤️