The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a most energetic circle. And it is brought from the glorious broad untrodden lanes of the Cosmos straight into the human scale of our earthly Standing Stone circles thus…

… Once, a very long time ago, they came, the people, full of murmers, and on foot, to stop and understand under the new overlooking stones.

They arrived to understand how these sentinal stones circled them without circling. They understood what it was to be moved without the stones themselves stirring at all, at all.It was truly, truly it was, the new normal.

Then the word like seedcorn was spread far and wide. They began to arrive in this place with the new word.They came many times, many people from wide and far. Along their hill tracks and through their wooded places. Down the generations they travelled. In the season they walked, to find uplift in the new normal.

Listen to the men talking low. Hear the women urging their children to quieten.

Great crowds in their seasons. Fires and Feastings. Music making and Solemnities.

Year after year, harvest upon harvest.

Oh, they murmured, those crowds, flowing like the sea at peace with itself.

They played simple music, like the sounds of the open-eyed laughter of new lovers.

They took themselves away and back again!

Later, time out of mind, on the grassy wooded pathways between the holding on and the letting go of memories, the youngest forgot what the oldest had spoken. So they turned and learned instead the word from the stones. The same sentinel stones.

The dancings and the silences of the stones, in a circle all around.

Every single one of those who had walked, who came and went, now are melted, gently melted under the forgiving ground.

Look. The stones are here now. Yes, in their sacred uprightness. Yes, so clear.

Stand. Listen as the stones gravely intone the awe of the worshippers. Crowds and crowds who are lying today deep in earth, far and wide, scattered and blind and deaf and dumb.

They truly are mighty, these populations under the ground, over which the silent stones are standing still, spreading their power over them all. And spreading their power over me, as I stand and stand and listen today!

~20161117 The peoples of the so-called past, of the Renaissance, of the Middle Ages, the Ptolomeic, the Uyghur Khaganate, those men and women of the Indus Valley Civilization, the Jomon period generations and all of our earlier and earliest forebears, elsewhere and everywhere, including especially inhabitants during those eras named with arrogant paradox as “before history”… Not one of them is “other”.

Not one is other, nor different. And not a single one but hasn’t my heart, my soul, my spirit now and at this time of my saying-tongue and of my writing-finger.

They are the bringers of my DNA. They said the sayings I say. I can see them, hear them, yes and converse with them, any and all of them, because they are my mother father sister brother from inception directly to my now-incadescent brain!

They are dead, but they are me in myriad form. They give, take, sing, wail, swallow, bleed, sweat, spit with me!

Their time of birth is my time of birth. We share all we are and all we any of us ever have in common.

Time, their time, my time, and yours too, does not exist. Simply put, when I drop my the guardianship of my ego, I can openly accept the origin of my sentient humanity as Swarm, as Collective.

There’s always plenty of time to waste or to cling to.

But stay a most precious while among the Circlestones. The Avebury, The Callanish, the great Henges, the Sunkenkirks. Hear and converse with our brethren as easily as you would to your friend

~ Love is present EveryNow

IMAGE Sunkenkirk in Cumbria. Gratitude to @EdwardFoster, artist, musician, poet for his gift of seeing in one of his favourite places.


Yes, Red Admiral on Buddleja

↗️  Vertigo  🔄

Here I am, I’m staring along an evolutionary track that’s many multiples of the human story.

Naked truth here is unconcealed from my eyes.

Still I have a hard time comprehending the significance of these images of resilience and perfection of form and purpose of flora and fauna in harmony and synchrony.

I find it simpler to say

~ Love is present EveryNow

Loving to Live

The voice within has always spoken to myself and to the world from the seat of my emotions, from my feelings and impressions. I know I have always interpreted the world through my imaginative powers of association.

I’d often let this fine-tuned imagination galop away with the banalities of the day before I can get a practical handle on them.

This often led me to deliberately mis-associate external realities in order to amuse myself with impossible nonsense, or to escape deeper from their ordinary reality.

For a long time I’d deliberately share my own whisked-up version of things, knowing that people would be put off trying to understand me. This was how I would creep deeper into a social isolation where I felt safe. Those were the days people would hear me, tell me, “You’re mad”, turn round and walk away.

All these things became clear for me to see from the persistent hard Work of self-examination and revelation through Shamanic Healing between 2014 and 2017.

I owe an immense debt of gratitude to this compassionate soul, friend and Shamanic Healer, Tiffany Guild of Bournemouth.

I lived a rich inner life. It was both a blessing and a curse. It had originated from my isolation, starting from my earliest months of life, when trauma was the rule.

For decades, I stored in my mind humanist and “Zen” insights from inside my reinforced defended “cockpit”. I so needed to understand and be like others. But from behind my defensive walls, it was impossible. I had no visualisation of my own heavy fortifications, so I did not know how to act with the unselfconscious free flow I saw in everybody else.

Then came 2013. The “Year of my Life”. The year I started regular Biodanza. As a result of giving away my heart, my heart appeared to me!

All the knowledge I’d stored away suddenly began to self-organise. It all began to make sense, but in a way that took a huge amount of energy to comprehend. After all, I had a library of facts and no methods of matching the facts against my new reality!

This marked my re-entry into Loving to Live. Living to love – so superficial – didn’t cut it for me any more.

It was a nose-dive into inner space. It was a scary Roller Coaster ride. It felt as if I would lose my mind, unless I could monitor this Brave New World by writing a daily Journal.

It is still a Roller Coaster ride, but it holds no fears. The intensity is undimmed. It is the same newness, whichever way I turn!

The more I engage with people, trees, flowers, insects in non-attached, non-judgemental ways, the less of a barrier exists between me and the “world”.

When I engage with my few closest friends, this dissolved barrier allows the love in their hearts to flood mine,

yours included

~ Love’s presence EveryNow

🌾On being a Yes with life🐣

On being a Yes with life

Few mentions there are on Facebook or elsewhere of the “Power of Yes”.

“Yes” is the simplest of words. All the world over, we are one with “Yes” from babyhood on.

I have been making a Yes Pact with life as I live it all the time from way back as long as I can remember.

“Yes” is simply my force for change, for my reconstructed inspiration and the colour of my confidence.

Peace makes a natural ally with yes on the inside. The conditions are then fine-tuned for boundless joy to spring into existence on the outside.

That’s why the Smile of Yes has universal appeal.

I place my fingertips on my heart centre, and smile to my heart. That smile is what the heart recognises instantly. All obstacles bar none melt away in the face of that smile!

“Yes” taps directly into my pool of peace. From this wellspring I draw refreshment for awakened daily living.




YES is Love’s presence EveryNow

🟩A heavenly space all your own🟥

From EveryNow

A heavenly space all your own

A kiss is not a kiss if it contains any thoughts of itself. It becomes a dictionary entry, or even worse, a cold stone kiss.

When I encounter a surge of any emotion, any emotion at all, I react with a movement of my mind, like a gleam of recognition at some passing flash of a recollected thought, or I react with a motion, like a smile or a frown.

Sometimes my reaction is physical and involuntary, like an adrenal shudder, or a thing close to a skipped heartbeat. With the reaction over, I am once more a blank sheet, like an unfurled sail ready to receive whatever wind may blow.

I have had the luck to be thrown up against my own company all my life. A life of many decades lived day by day in keener and keener awareness of my surroundings, physical, mental, and mystical.

It has recently become clearer to me that the act of experiencing anything, tiny, or regular-sized, or massive, or transcendental, or overwhelming, is entirely sufficient in itself as a confirmation and as an affirmation of life shared with all other sentient beings.

I invite you to try this.

…  …  …

Take a seat and be still for a moment, will you?

Place your hand palm up on the table in front of you.

Be at rest, and breathe as would breathe, only be aware of your taking breath. Hear it going in and out.

Now regard the palm of your hand as it regards you. You know it well. It knows you.

With a silent whisper of secretive familiar tenderness, ask your hand to make an inflection of any part of itself. A small, perhaps hardly perceptible movement will eventually come in response to your own quiet loving call.

With long and respectful pauses, try repeating this silent homage from yourself to your own hand a few times more. Each time, concentrate quite furiously on the delicate homage of the union between it and you.

This simple act, which can be full of a curious wonder, is you communing with you. Could it be more simple? Can you avoid smiling?

This connection of self to self, which translates perfectly as self to others, could easily be, for example, a kiss or an embrace.  It does not happen by a snap of the fingers.

It is unimportant that you want to skip into bliss as soon as yesterday, or maybe sooner. What matters is that you know there is a heavenly space all your own waiting for you. It always has been and it always will be.

Even though this space, this most sacred sweetest space is a mere breath away from you right now, it is not important that it may take you as many decades as it took me to enter it and to be entered into by it. The thing to do is to drop the impatience, because impatience is simply heavy to carry around with you.

~ Love is present EveryNow

🎼 I make noise 💡

The noise I make, I make by being alive. The footprints of the sounds I make are small.

I breathe, I talk, I cry, I sleep. I never stop making sounds. The sounds I make have small footprints.

I make sounds. Most of the sounds I make as notations in music are rest notes.

The sounds are the sounds of not making sounds. My silences are my companions. My companions are usually invisible.

I know them, my companions, from the first moments I made sounds to and for myself. I heard them with the ears of my ears, outside in the brightly lit, open green fields of my youngest childhood.

The sounds I make can be put down in musical notation. Most are rest notes with limited significance. These rest notes reach my ears. I process them, interpret them, hold hands with them,

The noises I have made throughout my life is a musical score, indiscernible as music. I have produced a few grace notes, which rise above the score. They have a wider footprint. I hang my grace notes on twigs. They sound pretty as I pass back and forth through the forest.

My musical score is like all the other music produced by my fellow beings. My fellow beings are mostly small winged insects. They outnumber human beings. The sounds they make with their wings are their constant companions. These sounds are mostly inaudible to me.

My fellow human beings move. The sounds they make alert me to the Sun, to the Moon, to the seas, to all the things growing in the wide open airs under the vaulted blue skies.

All my days, the music I have made, I make without desiring to create anything. The noises that issue from movements in and from my body are reminders of the energy I release through breathing, thinking, feeling.

I see now there is a music composed of rest notes, white noise, the occasional pure musical tones. These sounds, my constant companions, remind me of my responsibility to try and make harmony out of random.

If I know it, or if I know it not, I have a sacred duty when I open my mouth to hum, or whistle, or speak, or when I look across in silence into the eyes of another. 

My responsibility is simple. It is to be in harmony with the energy I draw on when sounds issue from me.

When I am walking on the grass, among trees, on hillsides, on uneven ground close to streams, with the wind in my face, and my feet are placed and placed by my own volition, the energy of my movements is as the energy of light from the almost imperceptible dance of fireflies.

The footprint of the light I create as I move through the natural world is not large. My light is my companion and it is my sole responsibility.

All my long life, it is my light that silently accompanies every instant of my waking thinking dreaming existence.

If I know the light, or if I know it not, now I understand it is with me always. It asks nothing of me, because it is me.

The light is my legacy. I must know that the light I produce has unlimited impact. My light will reveal my purpose, my integrity and the extent to which my harmonious self makes music in my heart

~ Love is present EveryNow

Oh my dear and lovely friends!

“… in the garden of my heart the flowers of peace bloom beautifully…”

In my view, The Great Bell Chant is a shining example of the best fruit that the wandering Journeyer may find hanging from the low branches in the Endless Orchards of Facebook.

I am sure that I have no need to compare present bliss with past contentment or discontent.

What shook my heart nearly to pieces, or what filled it brimming full with light and peace has no meaning and no bearing on the I that calls me by my name with no sound.

I am certain that I am founded in love and I am steadfast in knowing I am the receiver of love.

Beyond this and before this inloving outfurling, I am in a place of great safety. I am in this sacred space hand-in-hand with all humanity.

I pause to look and am astonished! I share without effort the life of every living thing with every living thing.

Oh my friends. My dear and lovely friends

❤ ❤ ❤

NOTICE awareness

Awareness is not the result of practice for practice implies the formation of habit; habit is the denial of awareness.

Awareness is of the moment and not a cumulative result. To say to myself that I shall become aware is not to be aware. To say that I am going to be non-greedy is merely to continue to be greedy, to be unaware of it.

How to approach a complex problem? Surely it’s not by meeting complexity with complexity; approach it simply, and the greater my simplicity the greater will be the clarification.

To understand and experience Reality there must be utter simplicity and tranquillity. “Must” does not imply compulsion, merely a reminder, a statement of what Reality is.

When I suddenly see a magnificent scenery or come upon a great thought, or listen to great music, I am utterly still. Human minds are not simple, but to recognize complexity is to be simple.

If I wish to understand myself, my complexity, there must be open receptivity, the simplicity of non-identification. But so often people are not aware of beauty or complexity, and so we chatter on.

With acknowledgement of thanks to Krishnamurti