🌜 A common goodnight 🌙

Double dawn reflection

🌜A common goodnight🌙

Every single day, and specially when the day comes to an end, as it is about to in a few minutes for me, I am given an overwhelming sense of the utter magnificence of the privilege of just being one single alive person. 

Millions that come before me are close enough to my head, that my ears hear their murmuration – if I wish. 

Their voices are talking in thousands of dialects. The clatter of them creates a tapestry of fractal meanings I comprehend only with a visceral intuition.

What do they speak of? They speak of the billion ways to laugh out fear.

My breathey existence is here now, all but totally undetectable, invisible and inaudible under the skies beneath the arch of the Milky Way. This home galaxy observes in its majestic way. It leans in the opposite direction to me.

This is the silence of a hundred thousand Niagara Falls in my ears that no one can hear, not even me. 

And am I one spark a-glow?

Am I deep at rest upon a planet-wide cradle of rock, air, water and magma?

Do I not circle and circle and swirl this my humanity with neither shield, nor sword – only love?

~ Love’s presence EveryNow 

The Biodanza effect. Do I dare to hope?

The Biodanza effect. Do I dare to hope?
For those who regularly practice Biodanza – and I am one of some few hundred thousand every week in dozens of different countries – there is a sense of coming home attaching to the word Mindfulness.
From way back, when I began to reflect on the big questions, up to today, I will almost daily catapult my mind into the Now by reference to the notion of my own death. It is a cleansing act which sharpens my gratitude and my wonder for being me being alive in this moment – right here now.
It’s with my regular practice of Biodanza that I am becoming accustomed to the practice – not only the idea – of living my daily life more and more ‘in the Moment’.
That’s to say I am going about the business of my days without tripping up over selfconscious self-referential thoughts. Less and less do I feel the need to question my motives, still less do I bother to direct my thoughts in at myself, where there’s a treadmill for thoughts with nothing better to do than trudge around and around.
What takes my mind away from mental closed circuits today is my gratitude for the pleasures of inclusive warm comradeship I feel from my fellow Biodancers.
Yes, I might still be lonely in my days and nights, but my friends in the Dance of Life have reflected my natural inner joy back to me from their integrity and respect and trust.
In Biodanza, something as simple as feeling joyful can be revealed as depending on nobody around me. I can see that the joy in the eyes of a partner in the dance spells out happiness all by itself. His or her joy doesn’t depend on me. It arises between us in the shared act of dance. We recognise it is our naked flame of humanity which each has made possible to reveal to the other in the unguarded intimacy of our moments of communion.
Biodanza to me is a spritual reawakening and a growth in potential of the whole person through wordless self expressive freestyle movement, mediated through music, under expert guidance and in the companionship of others whose integrity and trust is strong, explicit and bonding.
I have not dared to hope that Biodanza will always continue to reveal more subtleties of innerscape, more outward expanses of conscious joy, more awareness of the same upward spiralling awakening in those all around me.
I had not dared to hope until I asked Natasha, who has some eight years’ Biodanza. She says it’s perfectly clear that the beneficial effect goes on getting higher, deeper, broader both on the inside and out, and it will never end.
I’m reminded of the illusion of those lonely parallel tracks. In the experience of Busy-busy living, when I think I am alone on the path, I blink, look around and see others on parallel paths. As we face the horizon, all our different divergent paths converge, merge and blaze together in a revitalising sunrise. Or sunset.
Glory glory!

My signature poem – Journey


This poem, Journey, is like my signature poem.

I composed it at the beginning of my eclosure after 66 years. It is still my truth. It is a guide which allows me to recognise the journey of others.

It is so thrilling. I try to describe how I balance the way I am the observer of my Journey (my Work, my Endeavour, my Passage, my unselfconscious ritual of the being I call me) against the unending flux of it.

One element of the wonder at this unfolding is the bright newness of it. Nothing is the same. It is newness without end. There is an inclination to want to find stability in a maelstrom of newness.

There is a need for a gathering of myself and of my balance as I walk out into a high gale. Please! Let it pause, and give me time to see what’s happening and where it is I’m going!

The visualisation of my new surroundings, though it may be confusing, is in many ways exactly what it is I am waking and walking into!

There no otherwhere from which to observe.

I am not going anywhere new. I am new. I am new EveryNow.

On the one hand, all that the me I call myself has been before is out of mind and out of date. On the other hand, where I am arriving can be felt by me with such intensity as to be overwhelming.

Overwhelm of beauty, of love, of wonder and gratitude, to name only a few.

That there is only positivity and that there is a perception of the moment as being a continuum of flux of always astonishing beauty is the truth about the journey.

If I take a measure, and hold up scepticism to the words I use, I can always touch into my heart. I see again the familiar orange glow, I hear the silent melodies, and my heart, unerring, redistributes love into balance.

This touching the heart is a way to feel the grace of knowingly being alive, and it is always a flip-flop of divine pleasure. It is the visceral warmth from a glance – my lover’s eyes meeting mine.

I do not give myself imaginings of stories in which I play any part. To do that would lift me outside of the EveryNow. A whole world of paper-thin blown-glass structures would shatter. And I would be nowhere to be seen.

If there is any purpose to my presence, so intensively alight, in the flux of it all, it is to be as translucent as I can be, so these things I write about are not shaded nor occulted in any way by my shining them.

Last, in trying to find imagery that fits, I visualised these icebergs.

Here is a vast planetary ocean where towering huge ice people, lighter than the liquid where they’ve been living, are emerging from the deep.

As they break surface, gigantic glittering waterfalls cascade from their shoulders.

Every enormous brilliantly shining face has mouth open in silent wonder at the sight of the deep from above, the perfect curvature of horizon, the sky, the sun, and the startling beauty of the emergences of others.

~ Love is present EveryNow