The blueness of sky simply releases in me and in my fellow family of humans an abundance of unconditional gratitude


VIOLET is on the edge of the spectrum visible to humans. After and before the electromagnetic spectrum we humans know as “visible” exist vast energy-matter-probability fields we can visualise as our home, the Universe.

My gratitude is VIOLET for daily and constantly recognising my place in the Universe as a valid and valued entity gives me my identity, reminds me of the vital necessity for humility and helps me to keep my integrity in perspective and in balance with my aspirations.

My heart, my body and my mind, in that order, are my three best friends. My gratitude for my intuition is INDIGO. Indigo is near the limits of my human visual capability.

Intangible, formless and shapeless are my abilities to know without being told, to foresee without a person to guide, to read the heart of another without one word being exchanged, to imagine with no limits of any kind, internal, external or temporal. My gratitude for these gifts and graces is Indigo

My gratitude for being able to speak, be heard and understood is BLUE. Like the watery moisture on which all life depends, blue reminds me that life speaks through our thoughts, words, songs and stories. It reflects our identities on this Earth, from which we are formed and to which we all return.

GREEN! I am grateful for the ever visible reminder that life begins with growing things. Green grass, trees, seaweed, moss offer up their living aliveness to all eyes with no preconditions and no questions. Their greeness generates unquestioning love in my heart. The flow of energy from the cycles of green things growing makes me humbly grateful.

YELLOW is the colour of my gratitude for the harmony in my conscious decision-making.

When I remember how valued, loved, wanted, nurtured, nourished I am by ancestors, loved ones, family, friends and all of Humanity, I experience a falling away of disturbances, such as fear, anger, frustration, impatience or confusion.

Negative emotions flow contrary to life’s natural flow of blessings. Yellow is my gratitude for the falling away of the restraints of negativity when I touch into and activate my own loving kindness

ORANGE is my gratitude for children and their existence as reflections of the universal desire for the continuance of the flow of life.

I am a creature of desires. I recognise I am one pixel of humanity. My humanity recognises how my identity is constituted as one active cell in a membership of cells. My balance preserves and maintains my life and my life is made meaningful with the blessing of my offspring. Those of my fellow humans serve to justify and validate my existence, too.

Whenever I go deep into my being, deep RED rises in me. My body, my bones, my soma, my blood, but mostly my blood and flesh, come to my awareness.

I experience a recognition of red in gratitude that this is my blood, and with my recognising, I hug my fleshly self, and quite spontaneously, I am boundlessly grateful to be alive in a beautiful ocean of life!

BLACK is the outline of the holographic visions I summon up at will when my spirit takes wing. From these unlikely ponts of departure, from out of nowhere, my magician mind can engender images on the wheeling whirling stage of my creative wishing!

As I dance, I reach up into purple skies and with both hands I draw down nebulae, galaxies and whizzing showers of exotic particles to partner with me!

I ask the horizon, and the horizon beams to me gold and silver crepuscular rays, jewelling the scented wavecrests from here to forever.

I say, “Come clouds, burst into rainbow coloured music, and shower the fields of joy with flower petals of blue and white” and so it is.

And so it is! My freedom to choose from all the world’s libraries of Gratitude brings me bliss and ecstacy in uncountable plenitude.

~ Love’s presence EveryNow makes no demands on us. The blue of sky is simply blue. What blueness triggers in me and in my fellow family of humans is unconditional gratitude

🗿 The Stones of Avebury 🗿

The blood and the sweat of ancestors

so it begins again)

These massive immobile megaliths are stuck in mud, aloofly impervious to the floating breeze.

Stones, weather worn stones, high and broad, sit. They are noble solid refuges favoured by lichen.

Blessed in circular disposition with the blood and the sweat of ancestors all without age or name, the stones by size and by circle attract to themselves involuntary interpreters.

The great stones one by one call in to themselves the visiting poet, the enlightened woman or man.

Today’s people, acolytes in all but title, journey here, guided by heart-wonder, turn shining eyes on the softly present rocky surfaces.

Obedient to the allure of the Circle of Stones, the people who have eyes to see they stand close, they face the impermeable sacred verticals.

Today’s descendant ascendant people, new of flesh, bear the swarm mind imprint of the priests of old. This is why we are with the circles. This is what is embraced by ancient rock.

A hard touchable magic spell as simple as a smile breathed, releases bonds of solidity.

The long dead keepers of the astrogeometric arts pass to us their passion inside of the secret, solid and holy lightlessness.

(All that we can remember, we to whom these glorious revelations are granted, after we come away so very changed, is that we always forget,

Silent are the eyes

Silent are the eyes

Silent are the spaces between galaxies

Silent are the eyes that see

Silent are the ancestors invisible within the henge

Silent are the eyes that see

Silence is the contemplation of the smiles of those yet to be born

Silence in the eyes that see

I let in silence to flow and flood my sacred secret place

Silence washes me clean of doubt
And so is silence silent

I need no words to see