A fondness of chickens

Miniature hand painted in a bottle with a right-angle brush. I bought it from the artist in the Hutongs of Beijing

A fondness of chickens šŸ”

I spent several weeks in a far country in high summer living a couple of hundred metres from a fair sized chicken coop.

The sounds that rose and drifted in the dry air from theĀ community of hens instilled in me a lifelong fondness for these birds.

In the midday summer heat,Ā I’d watch them in the shade of their raised hen house.

They’d stand around, wings raised, letting the air into their armpits.

Their mild mannered, tolerant,  sisterly and peaceable interractions moved me.

I wondered at the reassurance and companionship which their casual clucking utterances might contain.

They’d scratch at the ground with evident curiosity, and unending hope.

I loved their quiet untroubled noisiness over the heat haze of one young teenage summer


šŸ¤Healing waters of compassionšŸ¤

2013 the ‘Year of my Life’

The self I call “I” is a flat calm transparent surface. It is a most natural boundary between water and air.

Both air and water are clear and almost colourless. The air goes up out of sight and the water deeply down.

The surface is without ripple or feature. It extends outward without horizon.

It is silent bliss.

Today more than before in my whole life, my state is open and aware and quiet.In this state I can ride and stay in balance during the time I am presented in the here and now with thoughts, feelings, distractions, discomfort, pain.It is through my recent journeys of heart awakening that I can fully access healing.

I have come to a resolution of previously unrecognised redundant defences, constructed in childhood. My new-found expanding awareness of myself opens doors to present joyfulness, and to a new appreciation of the sanctity of the gift of life being lived and experienced more and more and yet more abundantly.

Together with self-awareness, I increasingly open my eyes and value the gift of life I see in the lives of others.

To stay truly alive, I absolutely need air, food, water. I have to do the necessary work, if I am to act on my craving for the value of the sweet shelter afforded me from compassionate non-judgemental companionship of others.

In this state, I no longer need to feel secreted away fearful inside a safe place of my own making. It feels like for the first time, I am capable of experiencing the entirety of the richly textured reality of here and now.

I want to shout and shine with gratitude and wonder at simply being vital and alive. And more surprising still, with all this wonderment I find I am fearless and brave, because love is the light that leads me on my journey.

Intense love quenches every last residue of fear. The awareness of such love is self sustaining. It feels like perpetual motion eternally safe!

We are all capable of healing.

Itā€™s about trusting love to come into the closest contact inside my most personal sacred space, and knowing that there, in that serene yet spectacularly huge place of peace, I can heal.

When I completely allow this trust of knowing into my vision of life, when I let trust be the number one in my decision-making, I can begin to heal. We all of us can begin to heal

~ Love is present EveryNow