How many is one?

How many is one? Or say it like this, what’s the colour of one?

We all are wholly broken entities, we walk from here to there asking to be whole, wanting to construct wellness from our constituent undone parts, disfunctional, darkly dirty and lost like smoke looking for the fire of its origins.

The only reason we know we are entities is because we began as Ones. Our identity became conscious in a blaze of sound, colour, scent and touch at birth.

We were united with the sensory input with which we were saturated in such a way that we were at first unable to make any distinction between us and the world of senses we were sensing.

Later on came intimations of duality. We got the idea, again through first hand experience,

“I am not what that is”.

“I am I and that is not I. It is Other”.

Our oneness is conscious of experience as suffering or joy – hunger or satiety. By such terms, our oneness is all about polarities of intensity.

As adults, we are wracked by our acquired trauma or injury. We are damaged by our inability to make sense of episodes of damage sustained we cannot or wish not to recall.

Our longing for peace, love and happiness relates to our selves as newborn bundles of love. That was when we were blissfully undamaged, unaware of agencies capable of our damage or destruction.

As adults we spend time and devote our energy to achieving that experience of blissful oneness that was ours at the time of our birth.

In truth, we are all still purest innocent oneness. It is that so much has happened in the years since birth, we have stopped reminding ourselves of our innate purity.

Our notions of duality and the way we so readily devote much attention to our ability, albeit limited, to grasp at, acquire or alter our perception of the world of Other, these serve to remove our attention from the intense heat of welcome, magic and mystery to be found in our molten core – our innate oneness.

If we keep hold of the image we still continue as whole and clear, pure and clean as the day we were born, we will have hope and faith, those fabulous flammable fuels which will power us on our common goal, the journey back to wholeness, Oneness.

We can bring back to our heart and mind the Oneness of our origin, our common origin which indivisibly composed us from birth. For some it is easy. For most it is a lifetime’s labour. For an unfortunate few, death will end their search before they even get a tiny glimpse of eternal love.

Part of what has sustained me, repaired me, enlarged and enriched my life has been about acquiring the skills and tools for recognising the value and importance of self-healing. Healing facilitates and increases my ability to recognise and manage my own well-being. These things in general hold a significance in the living of life that is close to sacred. This form of healing compassion has been recognised as sacred throughout human history.

My journey is coming into the realisation that I only will grow and thrive in direct proportion to how much I can help others in their journeys of growth and self-love, even if I can do so only by not standing in their way.

Becoming who we are

Wasted lives make no lasting impact by wasting life

Wasted lives make no lasting impact by wasting life…

We live in times where people steeped in the deepest ignorance reach up from unseen depths of misguided hopelessness.

They start out with hearts innocent, like yours and mine. They are thwarted by lack of human recognition and stunted by ignorance and aimless self-loathing.

At times, a very few burst upon us with deeds of destruction, without warning, like a pustulant cancre breaking.

I am just so sorry that the lives of so many innocents are torn apart by fellow human acts of futile, pointless, random, cowardly blind ignorance.

These are our brothers and sisters. We have a responsibility for them because they are one of us.

Their incomprehensible violent deeds do not remove them from human fellowship. They still deserve human regard, compassion and – where the souls of we observers can encompass such magnanimity – elements of forgiveness.

We do not do our own humanity justice by turning our humanity inside out in rejection of the violence-doers, because once upon a time, we were all innocents, babes-in-arms, loved powerfully and unconditionally for being one of the human family.

It behoves us to question and examine the pressures which caused their humanity to malform so.

A very few of these lost souls, the perpetrators, will live to see how extremely irrelevant their deadly actions were. And they will understand they were so lacking in all substance, they themselves become blown as dust into the oblivion of history.

~ Peter Pilley 2017 May 23 and every day