🔸Adhere to EveryNow 🔶

None of us are ever alone in the path we take, nor in the circumstances of the path, however dire or distressing.

Love’s presence EveryNow

In the vast ocean of life, though we are billions, the number of common threads of humanity in which we all have a share is surprisingly small.

“Today is a long time ago”

My friend Bryan Alkins said on Friday 2nd October 2015 – “The past is the past! How far in the past doesn’t matter. Live in the moment. 🙏”

If I occasionally believe I am dangerously far divorced from “normality”, because all that matters is what’s going on now, I will beg my pardon and I will still defer to the moment.

I have long held the view (for near on forty years) that those who disavow the mystical and say there is no thing beyond the material and the provable, are trapped in a bubble of mystic magic divinity which knows and loves them, but which is sadly not visible to them.

These days I am believing it is simpler even than all of that.

Those who have not begun to bathe totally in the now cannot conceive of doing so. They believe it has no value to them, because what does not relate to their own lived experience appears to them as unsubstantiated evidence without the necessary confirmation of cause and effect.

EveryNow is that lived bliss of unconditional immediacy of experience without reference to past, future, or to labels of name or pertainment.

People who relate every present moment to its antecedent and who take care to measure it by its potential future effect make the mistake of regarding EveryNow as a state of instability from which no practical outcomes through reason and judgement are to be initiated.

After all, whoever thought it wise to choose to be a passenger in a vehicle driven by a person in a state of bliss?

Fear is sometimes taken to be the inevitable next step after identification with uncertainty. To see new ways of being as strange is to associate those who operate from this state as strange and then perhaps as people to be feared.

Nothing is more precise, more glaringly pinpointed with a sense of the absolute than EveryNow!

Long Live Love’s presence EveryNow

Here are reasons to be glad, to be grateful, because every giant effort of will we make to take just one step, every step we stumble at, every time we call out in agony, we unite with every human who ever endured, screamed and moved  on.

Far too many of those I know have had to un-shipwreck themselves after being all but capsized by cruel storms of other people’s making.

I try not to make sweeping generalisations, or say things that cannot be proven by some investigation. In all truth, I cannot think of any person I have ever met who does not live with some heavy burden of pain. Can you look through the front doors of your own family, friends, acquaintances and say, “There lives a human with a heart free of all hurt?”

We are strong beyond any adequate means of describing our strengths. I believe no trauma, no setback, no block on our way can finally dim, disfigure or extinguish our inner light.

Yet there are two things we are definitely not suited to suffer. These are physical violence or isolation.  These sorrows figure in the storylines of so very many people. I include illness or disabilities in such unwanted, unwelcome and insufferable tempests.

I am extremely fortunate to have avoided the worst of such crippling external influences.

It is not true to say I do not live with God in my life. It’s just that I am aware that by publicly aligning myself with a Western religious orthodoxy, I automatically draw down iron curtains from those I most care about and most wish not to be distanced from.

It’s a sad fact of life that such labels are capable of thwarting the transmission of exactly those truths that are universally recognised.

In my EveryNow blogs, I avoid direct reference to religious nomenclature in order to keep the channels of positivity flowing without distraction, and without the additional identifiable baggage that I see as secondary and non-essential.

This is my own Motto, the final words I most often use to place my seal on my writings…

“Love is present EveryNow”

You, or any reader, can readily replace the word Love with their own named deity.

My impulse to avoid any form of evangelical message comes from my distrust of organised religion, particularly the Western dualistic orthodoxies.

My adherence is to the present moment. This is where infinity and all the goodness therein lies waiting to be found, simultaneously to be consumed by us and to consume us with no diminishment!

🟡Freedom EveryNow🟡

Ridding ourselves of the identification with self – that there is a thinker of thoughts rather than just thoughts – offers a kind of freedom. 

It is said that identification with self causes suffering and removing it results in a much sought after state, variously called – enlightenment, awakening, Buddha mind, etc.

In my EveryNow blog, I try to put into accessible words my powerful experiences of this freedom. And I try to write about the ways and means by which people can benefit by consciously paying increased attention to the world of concepts and perceptions.

My hope is that my readers can readily believe they too can taste this freedom, or at least set up in them a curiosity to find out if it can easily be a valid outcome for themselves, as it has been for me.

I agree with some who say such an exalted state of freedom is readily accessible and on the surface of consciousness. I too do not believe it is so tough to access, so deeply buried that it requires the dedication of a lifelong quest.

Others like me, who were born and educated in Western dualistic traditions of thought and action, rather than in oriental non-dualistic cultures, may need to look to the example of others if they are to begin to examine the value of this freedom.

People who feel the promptings which give them reason to question their fixed beliefs are in my readership.

The promptings they receive from unexplained aspects of their inner life and the observations they make of their own experiences of awe, may be the conduits to discovery of the extent of the limitations they place on themselves by their long-standing willing acceptance of the status quo as defined, unalterable and axiomatic.

I know that the most ineffable trancendental concepts are far easier to define by talking about what they are not. It takes a increased intensity of creative thinking to avoid description by negatives. It is always a productive, even revelatory exercise.

So here is my non-negative sketch of the me I call myself.

I am mortal, biological, animate. I will die. The atoms and particles of which I am composed will scatter and outlive my physical form. Something will remain of the effects on the world that my presence and interactions in it created. Those effects will dissipate according to the law of entropy.

A time will come when all records and traces of my life will have grown cold and vanished. I am happy with this scenario, because I recognise all my human responsibilities revolve around the axis of my present moment.

I have arrived at a visualisation of the moment which satisfies my human inclination to forever find answers. I characterise it, within my own limited understanding, as “EveryNow”.

If I have to pick out one outstanding quality of “EveryNow” it is abundance. The moment in which I am held is abundance. The moment into which I am constantly falling in cycles of helpless harmless renewal is abundance.

The whelm of moment causes me to envision myself as so richly endowed with all my needs fulfilled, that I am nearly swamped by its sufficiency.

In this state, I have only to exercise a degree of voluntary acceptance and my being is lit by delight. Considerations of grief future or pain past are laughably insignificant.

Therefore I laugh
E v e r yN o w