Payment of debt

Where I lay my table

There is an indebtedness that arises in me from the recognition of successive blessings entering the arena of my life.

Any responsible and compassionate response to privileged heightened awareness of life in its very glory and in its quirky contrariness ought to be forged into a legacy for sharing.

My repayment of what I owe is on a simple table in the arena. It is covered by a pale cloth. It is set with humility. And the rich rare spices I am invited to choose when cooking the dish of gratitude taste as sharp as the coming in of death at my little life’s end.

What form this takes is all the choice I have.

~ Love is present EveryNow

Outside inside

My outside is my inside playground

The inside is the outside.
The outside is the inside.
In darkest night,
nothing changes from the
inside to the outside.

The sun rises over me.

In the light I see the outside
as identical to the inside.
Glory, huge hugging glory,
expands and I know
the inside is bigger than the outside


I have been shaken to my depths since the war began in Ukraine. I have been trying to rebalance, to rediscover my equanimity. Why do I feel the pain so of these sufferers? Where is safety now? What is lit now on my path, where I used to need nothing to light my way?

It is hard work this cleaning of the heart’s wounds. It is good to light one by one the guttering candles on my way, my patient way to remember. My heart waits for me in the Middle Way. I know exactly where to look