Where do my thoughts fly to

What is the salty seawater that floats my heart high, when I’m in love?

What is it with my loudly different heartbeat, when I’m in love?

Where do my thoughts fly to, when there is no longer any room for them, because I’m in love?
What plays that harmonious chord consistently constantly in my belly, never letting me forget I’m in love?
Lovers in love hold no monopoly, conceal no closed secrets.
The love that life sparked into flame at the conception of you and me is forever in perfect readiness to be revealed, unconcealed, naked and glorious.
This life giving love is no ephemeral birthing event. It flamed but never dimmed.
These fiery penetrating flames, so characteristic of epiphany, do not self restrict to roads to Damascus.
Slow down. Stop. I turn my gaze.
It hovers one thought away, easily within hands reach.
Stare directly at naked, glorious, primal, primogenitura love.
I consider, reflect, focus and meditate on love. Strain night and day to hear the clarion of love’s battalions in mountains, streams, the ground at my feet.
Meet the love with a cocktail of witness, acceptance, humility and childlike joy.
See love’s guileless open look stand before me in the eyes of another
~ Love is present E v e r yN o w

∞ Infinite? or Random? {∅}

Infinite? or Random? {∅}

Our consciousness has no fine tuning for detecting and savouring Random. We are – I am – a creature of EveryNow.

The appreciation of Random needs a running awareness of the things that element it, namely the past measured against some yardstick of the future. And both of these on astronomical timescales linked into an omniscience far beyond our human selves.

To say I am the product of random is rather sad. There is no call for the illusory sadness that comes from a fruitless search for meaning among extremely long odds.

Rather, oh my heart! Leap for joy at every in-breath that gives you the strength to leap.

I don’t call it my pulse. My heart keeps its own rhythm.

The measure of joy is heartbeat by heartbeat of my clock of blood.

Joy and sorrow are the engines one of the other. And both know no limits.

I choose infinity