My Shamanic Healing

Since March 2014, out of curiosity more than from an acknowledged need, I started working with a wonderful shamanic healer.

I had no inkling I had endured ‘that childhood’ until it appeared clearly in front of me.
These traumatic strata, though buried and covered by scar tissue, I know now from my own experiences, can be identified, visualized in an adult context, lifted out of ancient hiding and, when seen in the bright light of my adult recognition, taken in both hands and dissolved forever.
This is hard work. It demands courage and determination to confront emotions which are painful and at first not easy to identify or understand.
Some who are shaken by the rise to the surface of fears and sadness, long forgotten or long since buried out of conscious sight, may not be ready to continue the work of bringing them into the open.
Their life journey has not yet reached those stations where the refreshments of friends and family have bolstered their understanding. Some may never, in their whole life, begin or accomplish the work of healing.
The work sometimes summons up nameless distress from within myself, like a child’s nightmare.
I carry my child inside me, but the difference is that it is I myself who has to show myself compassion. I have to be the one to cup my own distressed heart in my own healing hands and guide myself out into the openness of ever-present light.
At the time I began this work, the presence of “EveryNow” was becoming more familiar to me by the day. EveryNow fills me with the absence of longing, because it is a state which contains all sufficiency and all fulfilment. My way of characterising this is in the phrase, “No question; Answer is before”.
I recognised that the state of EveryNow represented the place of sanctuary, the changeless place of ultimate trust and reconciliation.
Had I not already gained an understanding of the over-arching and underlying principle that all existence is a reality not objective but encompassing both itself and me as the experiencer, I could not have successfully continued this Shamanic work.
With my Shaman close to me and questioning and inviting me to place myself in close touch – literally – with my previous selves all through the years of my life, I use a combination of two skills to power myself on with this work.
I exercise my curiosity to discover more about where I have hidden my painful past, and why, and with what ‘devices’ my former self so deliberately interred the pain.
With my intellectual reason I try to find out how effectively I can use my analytical skills to make valid connections between my adult autonomous self and my younger, unformed dependent self.
I seek out and befriend again the little person I was, who constructed all kinds of protective defences in the face of major hurt of which I as a child could have had no objective understanding and over which I had no control.
I can do all of this seeking, confronting, refriending and healing of myself because I can trust and completely rely on my guide, my Shaman, to be at my side every fraction of an inch of the way.
I continue with this work for the simple reason that it works. It is swift, effective, and the major immediate result is that it gives me is of lightness of heart.
I begin see my way of developing survival techniques to negotiate unknown fears is not unique to me and my life journey. I see clearly and with great relief that none of my difficulties, not one of my traumas is unique to me. I am not alone, not stuck on some lonely summit, or wandering in dark places. Suddenly, very suddenly, I am able to look around at last, and I see we are all beautiful doves in a flock of humanity.
One valuable certainty I have discovered from this guided work is that my body holds all the answers. If I want to know the answer, I directly address this physical repository of wisdom.
It is easier to enter and explore the body’s frames of reference while hearing the steady, quiet rhythmic beat of the Shamanic spirit drum.
There are two extremes our bodies are not naturally made to tolerate. One is to be afflicted by violence. While the other is to be afflicted by loneliness.
The strict limitations on the reach of my self healing are imposed by the needs I have as a human for other meaningful loving human contact, because my survival is all bound up with my gregarious, even tribal nature.
I willingly acknowledge with gratitude that it takes a person of rare quality to show such love as to dedicate a life to becoming a Healer in this way.
Shamanic Healing has been and continues to prove to be for me a uniquely valid and valuable vehicle for releasing and empowering a life of more abundance every day.

🪔 Visions of glory 💫

Visions of glory as the new normal
2013 – Year of my Life – 🪔 💫

In recent years, life has been flooding and flooding in.

In an intense Shamanic Healing one evening, I was gently but firmly lead to envision my ancient defensive fortifications.
I knew my very young boy self had constructed them to help keep me sane and alive.
I saw I had ceased to require them, because my adult self had long time ago assumed full command of my life.
One evening, with guidance from my Shamanic Healer and my Shaman Spirit guide, I took hands to them in all courage and I broke at them till they fragmented and melted away.
From that point, and to this very day, there is no barrier, no obstacle, nothing between me and the world.
More than being fully in the world, I am blessed by the grace of an intimate sense of union, of one-ness with all things.
I have been able to pick up the many strands of spiritual thought and intellectual understanding that had accumulated in me untarnished over decades.
I began immediately to see their interconnectedness. These separate strands gathered self-organising and are even now still weaving themselves into whole tapestries.
This natural recombination of hidden losses into treasures of practical meaning is a process which will never end!
Growing into adulthood, we assimilate knowledge and wisdom in such small increments as to pass largely unnoticed.
My experience of growing into awareness from the platform of my 66th year looks to me like the acceleration of Starship Enterprise zooming into interstellar space-time at Warp Drive!

I am blessed to have this process of learning and discovery continuing on and on with help from the magnificent wealth of positive inspiration I find every day in Facebook.
But most specially my gratitude goes out to the communion with a few close soul-friends, many of whom are also Biodanzers.
For this unending bounty, glorious in its ever-new normality, I am truly grateful.
In some shape or form, we all carry deep inside us our loving hearts, which are what literally keep us alive, but which, in a real sense, are our own tiny heritage from the far greater power of peace and love from which we spring into being, and to which we return.
And some also carry the weight, the pain of conflict.
We do not yet see the pointlessness of our individual fight against misleading distractions and misdirected wanting.
Some can envision through their clouds of unknowing the universal truths our hearts always want to teach us about and lead us back to!
It is hard not to visualise this fight inside as an external storm, or a battle, or even to identify it as an outside aggressor.
After all, hate is love turned inside out.
Until the time arrived when I deeply felt my struggles need not continue, because I was fighting only myself, that was when love, and not only love, but flat-calm oceans of potable peace, made their presence known in me.
It took a fraction under 67 years to arrive here.
Joy-in-residence such as this will not change my engagement with the outside world.
In fact, I am now permanently resolved to show to the world how it is possible for any person to live and to be entirely present for comfort, for healing, for loving connection, and for universal compassion, forever and ever
~ Love is present E v e r yN o w