🌜 A common goodnight 🌙

Double dawn reflection

🌜A common goodnight🌙

Every single day, and specially when the day comes to an end, as it is about to in a few minutes for me, I am given an overwhelming sense of the utter magnificence of the privilege of just being one single alive person. 

Millions that come before me are close enough to my head, that my ears hear their murmuration – if I wish. 

Their voices are talking in thousands of dialects. The clatter of them creates a tapestry of fractal meanings I comprehend only with a visceral intuition.

What do they speak of? They speak of the billion ways to laugh out fear.

My breathey existence is here now, all but totally undetectable, invisible and inaudible under the skies beneath the arch of the Milky Way. This home galaxy observes in its majestic way. It leans in the opposite direction to me.

This is the silence of a hundred thousand Niagara Falls in my ears that no one can hear, not even me. 

And am I one spark a-glow?

Am I deep at rest upon a planet-wide cradle of rock, air, water and magma?

Do I not circle and circle and swirl this my humanity with neither shield, nor sword – only love?

~ Love’s presence EveryNow