* Gratitude for visions of glory as the new normal *

* Gratitude for visions of glory as the new normal *
2013 – Year of my Life
In recent years, life has been flooding and flooding in.
In an intense Shamanic Healing, I was lead to envision my ancient defences. I saw they had ceased to serve their purpose. I took hands to them in all courage and I broke at them till they melted and then there was no obstacle between me and the world, only the world with me!
I have been able to pick up the many strands of spiritual thought and intellectual understanding that had accumulated in me untarnished over decades.
I began immediately to see their interconnectedness. These separate strands gathered self-organising and are even now still weaving themselves into whole tapestries.
This natural recombination of forgotten threads into treasures of meaning will never end!
I am blessed to have this process of learning and discovery continuing on and on with help from the magnificent wealth of positive inspiration I find every day in Facebook.
Most specially I am deeply grateful that I am learning how to re-integrate into the everyday but sublime world through close communion with a few friends, many of whom are also Biodanzers.
For this unending bounty, glorious in its new and welcome normality, I am truly grateful.
In some shape or form, we all carry deep inside us our loving hearts, which are what literally keep us alive, but which, in a real sense, are our own tiny heritage from the far greater power and peace and love from which we spring into being, and to which we return.
And some hearts also carry the weight, the pain of conflict. We do not yet see the pointlessness of our individual fight against misleading distractions and misdirected wanting. Some envision through their clouds of unknowing the universal truths our hearts always want to teach us about and lead us back to!
It is hard not to visualise this fight inside as an external storm or battle or even to identify it as an outside aggressor. After all, hate is love turned inside out.
Came the day, the awareness arrived that my struggles need not continue, because I was fighting only myself, that was when love, and not only love, but flat-calm oceans of potable peace, made their presence known in me.
It took a fraction under 67 years to be enveloped in this heavenly haven of peace.
Joy-in-residence such as this will not change my engagement with the outside world, but I resolve to be entirely present to it for comfort, for healing, for loving connection, and for compassion, forever and ever
~ Love is present EveryNow

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