☆ See my treeness in the tree ☆

See my treeness in the tree

My deep ‘knowing-for-sure’ is the core certainty of my Will to Live.

If this truth were not present in me, I would take no care to maintain my own self in life.
My ‘knowing’ is every bit as present in me as it is in the ‘knowing’ of the tree.
It is my conscious love, respect, and reverence of this ‘knowing’ which I find hard to detect through the static noise from my chattering mind, temporal distractions, adult social conditioning, the imperatives of daily living. The list is quite long and it is well understood.

My helpless attraction to the divinity of the tree is all to do with the utterly obvious treeness of the tree.

The tree is the mirror of my beautiful unobfuscated being
~ Love is present EveryNow

This tree stands close by Breamore House, Fordingbridge, UK. I name it the Great Maharaja copper beech. It is one of my pilgrimage trees.

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