In the beginning

If I have made peace with my heart, if my first best friend and confidante is my heart, I will be taken by surprise, interested, even amused at the way my aroused mind tumbles over itself to take me over and attempts to lead me, tug me on a new dizzying helter-skelter journey.

But after my awareness of the mind’s antics passes, it is time.
It’s time to allow my heart to sing its powerful melodies and to fly on its own terms, not outwards in the direction of the other person, but inwards.
Inwards the unchained heart!
It glows with love and gratitude for this temporal arousal. It is freed to apply emolient tenderness to the cravings of the soul for recognition of its purity.
At last, the heart may trust it will find a mirror where a few of its own qualities, not all, may be reflected in some of the qualities of the heart of another.
In the beginning,
there where your attention
is caught
by the beauty of another
see the mirror.
~ ~ Love is present EveryNow

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