🌱 In the cradle of now ðŸ’š

🌱 In the cradle of now 💚

In the cradle of now, I see what the newborn baby shows me. The baby observes – for the very first time – everything. O eyes! O smell! O touchy surface!

With first observations, comes an element of surprise. Surprise arrives in all octaves, in many keys and at all different volumes.

So. I am walking in a tranquil forest, say, the New Forest. I am at peace, I am hardly present in myself.

Consequently, I am not on the lookout, not on my guard. Then this sudden noise! A branch snaps underfoot.

My surprise at being surprised is one thing. The snap extracts me from within my stillness, and I am instantly conjoined with the greater forest.

Surprise itself surprises me during the moment of my surprise.

The entirely other thing is that outside-surprise penetrates my peace. My peace, thus penetrated, lights up somewhat in the way a glowing cuttlefish displays to its mate !

When I am fortunate to have stillness inside, quietly experiencing and observing the unattached flow of my thoughts and emotions, that is when the furniture of my physical location, and my connections to the people I meet, specially my friends and family and those I hold dear to my heart, assume a kaleidoscopic reality.

All exists in total containment of the moment. All is bathed in the glowing light of love.

Life larger than life… surprise is unending in the cradle of now.

~ Love’s presence EveryNow

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