There is a wren singing

13 July 2013

There is a wren singing, pouring out territorial music in great operatic arias.

This tiny animal, who’s been roosting in our garden for months, is now daily broadcasting songs of lusty expertise.

He chooses the top tipmost branch. He is Front of Stage at Wembley.

He is presenting live to the nations the state of his power and might.

And with the wren’s rippling delivery of ultra complex melodies, my heart’s silence and peace rises, and in surge after surge, invisibly overflows with love


Waves of emotion rise and fall in secret places inside of us, invisible to all but ourselves until they outflow the fragile confines of the body.

Many emotions are like underground streams, flow without recognition.

Some tickle and delight. Some crash and threaten to break us.

The way our emotions need our attention and cooperation is an advantage, because that focus can always grow our self knowledge and lay foundations of wisdom.

But there are times when emotions are best left to run their course, to believe their passage will wash away pain, grief, anger in exactly the time it takes the emotion to rise, and to fall.

Emotions are above all transient. That is their nature. The original mind, the light of the lighthouse which holds the heart, is unshakeably permanent.

The strength and the comfort I seek I know can be derived from, beseeched of, prayed for, from the immense permanent strengths of the energies which bind the heart into the eternal universe which spawned it.


“We are a vast ocean of waves,

cresting and falling, rising… and failing,

climbing and plunging,
colliding and co-mingling.
We reach, we miss,
we reach again.
We learn, we ignore, we learn from our ignorance.
We peak, we crumble, we roll on.
Up and down, and ever onward.
Many tides, one sea.”

~ Love is present EveryNow

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