Infinity is so much fun!!

🔭 Infinity and Beyond! 🥰

Over thirty years ago, I stopped counting my years. I attribute my longevity to my looking both ways at least twice when crossing the road.

Yes, I’m grateful to be reminded of the accretion of time. After all, I am in my mid-seventies.

But I value beyond price my EveryNow, because it is where infinity is transcended as easily as a breath in. Or out.

In the way of the crew of Starship Enterprise whose images shimmer on the point of beaming, I too often shimmer on the edge of time present, because I value the Now as an open door to Infinity.

All the endlesses – peace, love, the leap of joy, pain – are in the Now.

I am humbly grateful for that smile cast my way unannounced, unbidden from the eyes of a stranger.

These affirmations that I walk among in the open unblinking moment reconstitute my “me” in my original self. And we go back an infinitely, long way, my original self and I.

These validations are the obverse on my coinage of gratitude.

Gratitude for the tiny truth sparks which conflagrate at light speed. They inflate my incendiary heart which burns all fiery at 36.4°C and it consumes nothing…

Infinity beams me.

Infinity is so much fun!!

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