Remember* Give Honour to the Deep*

* Honour to the Deep *
There are endless and enduring benefits in simple contemplation of the eternal qualities of the night skies. And of the visible seas.
The sea’s physical scale is beyond us. But we are salt water too. Water is drawn to water.
Think on its enormous weight and the gradient of increasing pressures.
The waters are one interlinked body on our blue planet.
The visible surface movements are grand to behold, at calm or seized by violent storm.
All of this is microscopic compared to the unhearable deep hamonies and resonances of the vast flow of currents in motion around the orb of Earth. Slower than the slowest grandfather clock, the eddies inter-pour, currents stream from ocean to ocean in a progress belonging to nobody and nothing but the rotating planet itself.
And from all time, hundreds of millions of years, and in this very moment, we see little or nothing of submerged life.
Submarine, it lives and breathes, feeds and breeds. It teems in colossal abundance and extravagant variety – generations animal and generations vegetable – in perpetual interdependence.
Look out over the sea, from a beach, from a cliff, a car, a plane, a boat.
Remember also to give Honour to the Deep

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