“To begin the journey, first it is necessary to arrive” 

“For the journey to begin, first it is necessary to arrive”
The journey has no end in any sense of the word “end”. My journey consists of beginnings. It begins all the time and always.
For the journey to begin, first it is necessary to arrive!
A new place for my line of sight to settle on, a new point on which my skin feels some contact, a new thought, every new breath I breathe.
The journey analysed dissolves into millions of fragments I call EveryNow.
I see sunlight refracted into coloured points of diamond light from my early childhood memory of a meadow one summer, when the light rays of the rising sun struck myriad drops of dew on the grassblade tips.
I ran home and told my Mother there are diamonds in the grass.
Dreamlike is the quality of the journey which is clasped in peace.
The dissolution of the journey becomes the journey. I seek not the journey, I seek to become. In the becoming, come flowers of the heart.
Flowers can flower perpetually in a personal meadow which contains all the peace needed for a fulfilled and fulfilling life.

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