Be the prayer the next person comes to you for

A prayer wheel is a sacred object of veneration used by generations time-out-of mind in unbroken tradition for the purpose of expressing mantras for auspicious intentions.
Mantras are written on the central ‘tree’ inside, and pilgrims will make the prayer wheel turn.
A prayer wheel can be small enough to hold in one hand, or it can be several times the scale of a person.
Venerated widely around its place of origin, or quietly kept close within the family home for generations, a prayer wheel is inscribed with sacred mantras in geometrical script.
A prayer wheel is designed to turn about its longitudinal axis. Each revolution of a prayer wheel is a devotional prayer, supplication, intention.
It can be new. Though many are known to be ancient, bearing noble accretion of patina from many millions of revolutions at the hands of pilgrims.
With their regular rhythm, our feet measure out the lives we lead. You and I, our hearts beat, and from birth till death, we breathe in and out.
We depend on one another in order to live. Our bodies must remain intact and upright in order to function as tillers and sowers, reapers of harvests. We go and make offerings. We accept offerings.
We meet each other much like pilgrims meet prayer wheels, you and I.
Our busy days revolve around our night quietudes. We wish for love, food, drink, and the plenitude of harmonies with intention and zeal sufficient to make contact with the person’s innermost sacred space – the place where life originates and is continually refreshed and replenished. That place, whose eternal flame burns bright and unwavering, consumes nothing, only exists to support the life that supports it.
This flame can also magically renew and replenish the lives of those who come close enough with humility and purity of intent.
Be the prayer the next person with palm open, outstretched, comes to you with
~ Love is present EveryNow

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