Choices that turn dark lives light


❤ Choices ♡

Choices that turn dark lives light are so easy to make, because images of colour and lightness are everywhere you care to look in every direction every day.

I love to look out for colours that go together. Harmony is a reaching out towards a perception of balance between what moves the heart in a direction, and choosing to put into operation the gliding grace which makes that movement possible.

❤ Light or dark ♡

What is plainly open and those things that are hard to see, because they are hidden, or maybe they are covered with pain. I always have the choice what to see.

0 Emptiness or Bounty 1

I always have the choice. Some choose the mixed media of an artist, or the subtle patterns and cadences of melody. Some choose to construct with words, looks, gestures, actions.

There is joy, and such a lot of it, to be found in the infinite possibilities of colour on an empty palette, of taste in an empty cup, of response in the eye of a stranger.

The empty tree is empty until it welcomes another bird.

~ Love is the thread which weaves the empty sky with birdsong

~ Love is present EveryNow

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