A Spoken Lullaby

20131113, 00:23 During guided relaxation in one of my first Yoga classes I began to float untethered in the Solar System. Pretty soon I found I can float at will into the furthest arms of the Milky Way.

It marked the throwing down of the last illusions that my imagination, my own, or any person’s potential, has limits.

{ Elsewhere on my BLOG, you can listen to this in an extended version as a Guided Relaxation. On Soundcloud SEE PeterOdactyl }


A spoken lullaby

The spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy are the awe-inspiring, dewy jewelled reminder that we too take our being from and in them.

As you relax into the magic arms of sleep,
so conjure up for yourself the image of the entire stellar island universe in glorious 3D.

It is all yours to wonder at. All the stars and all the luminous clouds.
Yours now in every direction you look.

Take the Galaxy while it hangs grandly silent and glowing.
Hold it, enfold it so gracefully and – with closed eyes and enwrapped in its beauty – take it into you.

Let it complete a rotation. Invite it to sparkle within your mind a while. Then, oh then, allow it to take its solemn majesty inside your body.

Here you are – relaxed happy – with the best of all possible companions to cherish and to love.
It will be there for you, within you, magically yours to float in, here and there, here and there, for all time when you wish it so.

See them. The trillion trillion eyes smile on you. See.

They will remain bright all, all around you and shine on you always, as you drift dark into restful darling sleep.

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