Grow, move, seek, greet and dance

🌱Grow, move, seek, greet, dance 🍃
My grown up heart yearns to share and be a worshipping witness at the peak time seasons of living and growing.
As a toddler, I wandered with a sky full of joy in my wild little heart to discover clear and present magic all on my own, knee deep in flowering grass meadows, cow pastures, shaded ancient ditches, corn stukes, hay ricks, trickling streams, marshy pools, brackish puddles.
So many insects in my arms’ reach, all displaying such amazing colours, patterns and variety!
Every one has eyes to see with, feelers to probe, legs or wings or fins to go with, brethren to relate to.
And my first wonder as a little boy outside in the Big Green — wonder which has stayed strong with me all these days of my life — was to ask, “Who are you? What are you doing? Of what are you aware? What drives you? How alike are we?”
The answers to these primordial askables have come in precious glimpses, one at a time, like surprised butterflies on my path, all along and down my heavy decades.
These connections for me in the grasses under the sky were outside of time. They were made in heaven, and were strung like microcosmic beads along the silent, simply-furnished corridors of my childish thought between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and teatime.
This was long before the relentless progress across the pastoral landscape, like a ghastly creeping shadow cast by no light at all, of systemic pesticides and selective agricultural weedkillers.
Here in the bliss of first contact, my love of the natural world took root. Here that child then, this white haired man now, entered into fellowship with life and sentience.
The yearning is always present. To abandon my will, and join in with the wild unselfconscious juiciness of everything that grows, moves, seeks, greets and dances life

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