RIVER ~ ’74 & ’14

RIVER ~ ’74 & ’14
Do I know where I am, or even
When he, she, anyone were last
On the same stretch of the river?
There is energy enough in the water
To answer these questions,
To take me back and forth.
The warp and weft of time.
Summer and winter come and go.
See the sense of season.
Sleep naked of reason.
The waters stray through fingers.
Willow leaves lie languid.
Sustenance is gained
From above as from below.
Royal fisher, kingfisher,
A bubble in your wake awoke
No quest, answer is before.
I do not call these spirals.
The river finds its own level.
Time hovers.
Young love’s stasis.
Summers and winters
Come and go
In a stitch in time
Are born new clouds
That might glut glebe
Fresh in the morning
Of a ploughman’s nightmare
Old soil is new soil
In the dark seed’s eye.
Sleep naked of reason.
When I was last this way
Void crashed in to stay.
When I was last here,
The net gain was fear.
But the hellhounds have lost my spoor,
And love sweet love waits at my door

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