* In real time *

* In real time *

The creation of trust in myself and the learning of how to trust others takes real time.

We are not mechanical beings. We are suffering creatures. We have no switches to throw. No switches to start or to stop suffering.

What I do have is me and time.

This points to one of the many reasons why the time we all have is not for idly wasting. Our lives are finite, our time here together is limited. We can rise above these limits. We can transcend them for a while together. We can fly.

If I fly, I do so accompanied by great joy. To learn to have wings to fly in all honesty and integrity I need time.

I need Time to learn to live. Time to learn how others live. Time to learn the languages of love. Time to heal from pain inflicted and pain afflicting. Time to reflect and to be grateful. Time in which to lose all that I am and all that I have. Time for sharing all of these as widely as possible.

If I use all the time I have…
if I revere and sanctify the precious gift it is, then my life and my end of my life
become one and the same moment !

I live my moments in the peace of a force ten gale. The more I welcome my life which rips me and rips through me in real time, the more I approach with joy the end of my time.

The end of my time clothed only in peace
* In real time *

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