~ Love flows EveryNow…

~ Love flows EveryNow…
The established trees along this rushing stream are participant to the continual flow of it.

I may enquire, because there are answers.

Ask then. What of the highly recognisable rush of the waters that draws our attention with its sound and vision?

And what of the reality of this noise and movement to the deaf-blind trees’ long life.

Ask what of the reality of the waters’ journey in terms of the immobility of the trees?

This scene contains answers.

It does not make any request of a viewer. It does not require a response from a viewer. It does not require a viewer.

The power of these watery flows, and their relationship to the land in which they are in motion are entirely sufficient unto themselves.

We, you and I, have no input whatsoever.

What may be gifted to me to notice, when I place my awareness between the waters and my heart, is the mysterious non-attached love which exists and which is the love-attractor for the continued existence of the riverside trees

~ Love is present EveryNow

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