Revisit the spiral of truth

⌛ the spiral of truth ⌛

Past seventy birthdays, my own “Good Monday Morning” echoes back to me from out of a long time-tunnel. I hear many voices, many inflections.

If I pause, and stand in a posture of affirming presence in this echo-space – this many-layered highly personal time-sphere – I can clearly make out the various dimensions of me.

I can then, with a conscious effort of imaginative will, place my hand in that hand of long ago, and truly, madly, deeply feel for the person it belonged to and belongs to.

Here, in the electric eye-to-eye field with my then, and eye-to-eye with me now are highly charged opportunities to take on board four-square life lessons.

Lessons of forgiveness for hurt administered.

Opportunities to burnish newly cast golden girders of self-love.

Opportunities, like great grand portals of opening, to acknowledge, for the fierce first time, bitter-sweet redemption for mistaken beliefs and for mistakes of judgement.

And a chance to finally and fully accept that there is no blame attached to absence then of the knowledge now that leads to peace that passes all understanding

~ Love is present EveryNow

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