The brilliance of existing

I write of the brilliance of existing.

When I write, I am representing in one way or another a self-similar fragment of the brilliance of the peace and love we all come from and to which we all return.

The brilliance reveals itself here, under the next leaf, there beneath the water’s ripple. It is behind old grief, and it is always always always after my next blink. It is EveryNow!

“Peter,” you say,

“You are defo in the zone of Zen.”

Yes, maybe so.

You are the one who says so about me. It is not just the me you see. It is you who says you see.

Whatever the zone is, even if the zone is ignored, denied, unsuspected or invisible under examination, it is you, it is I, it is ineradicably eternally in you and in I.

Because it shines in all sentient beings, and because all sentient beings take shape and form from all things, the zone of Zen you say you see is as much in and of you as it is of me and of EveryThing.

We all return to the brilliance of the peace we come from and the heart of love which animates and sustains us.

The brilliance is here for me to see in every blink and breath. It behoves me to remind you of it in the words I say and in the glance I cast.

If love is present EveryNow, due attention ought to be drawn to its brilliance – a splendour which touches us every one deeply, if we know it, or if we know it not!

~ Love’s presence EveryNow

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