Your restless heart

Your restless heart is your guide and your sentient compassion is the mover.

Only rebefriend your heart, and let your heart lead. 

Not very long ago, I used to be eternally questing and questioning, investing the plain truth of the absolute with additional comprehensions and comparisons. I characterise this superficial dance of mine as ‘Living to love’.

I disagree with the popular saying, “Everything happens for a reason”. I see a satisfying completeness, a sighing release of tension, in, “Everything happens.”

Where Everything Happens, the mind is led away from knock, knock, knocking on closed doors. The heart awakes and is free to see No-Door, and goes right on through with the elegant grace of a non-chalant swan.

The more acceptance of the perfection of all that exists replaces desire for answers to existence, the more serenity, peaceful mind, quietude of subtle joys begin to take centre ground and are ready become endless fountains of nourishment and healing. As It Was in the Beginning, etc etc etc.

It took me most of the self-aware years of my life to begin to arrive here. I have ceased to seek new questions. I open the eyes of my eyes to the answers which precede all questions. Answers outnumber questions pretty much to extinguishment! 

The ingredients of my understanding were always present. Only I would so enjoy observing them tumbling around! At this moment my washing machine is gurgling contentedly and doing exactly that!

~ Love is present E v e r yN o w

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