🔶An amulet of words against Loneliness 🟥

* An amulet of words against Loneliness *

Is it the fleeting face of loneliness I see between the laughter and the smiles?

Yes, let it have its day in the sun.

Plenty of time, oh, there’ll be time enough I say, one day to pine for the weeks spent without a hand to hold, after your life has reached an apotheosis and you have so many hands within arm’s reach of your love-filled heart.

There is no book nor physic to spirit away loneliness.

In an inevitable plurality of beings, loneliness is a fact of human arithmetic. It sleeps at the footstool like a stone lion with its eyes open!

Two things our bodies are not naturally made to tolerate.

One is to be afflicted by violence. While the other is to be afflicted by loneliness.

Steer your course oh so safely, dear Shining Soul, between this Scylla and that Charybdis.

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well,” says Julian of Norwich.

There are large helpings of power and strength in those words! You have sole responsibility to make them so.

You will go out tomorrow into the noisy crowds. And with you, you will carry an enormous cathedral-like and most noble silence.

And you will smile, because your silence is ‘grand’, and you know it is as full of hospitable welcome, as the urging daydreams of your distant distant descendents.

~ Love is present EveryNow

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