Consider light

* Consider light *

It radiates from every source.
Galaxies. The stars. Our Sun. Fires, both natural – caused by lightning, volcanoes, spontaneous combustion.

And fires made by us, electrical and electronic.

Spectacular Aurora, fiery light from the Sun’s plasma in collision with atoms in Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Out of our sight from below, those rare, natural, elusive Sprites, blue jets and ELVES. 

Bioluminescence (my favourite !) from fireflies, glow-worms, fungi, algae, sea and deep ocean creatures.

Consider light reflected from our Moon.

Light reflects and scatters from every surface that receives radiated light.

Desert sands and seahorse-flecked waves under clear night skies.

Iridescent beetle cases, butterfly wings, hummingbird feathers.

Entire oceans and ice-capped mountain ranges under midday sun reflect and/or refract and sometimes even polarise received light.

Now consider this.

Light has always been light, from the early period in the young youth of the Universe, when light began to escape.

All this light, this energy from all sources, travels and fills space in every direction all the time.

Imagine a Universe with no eyes.

No eyes to capture and focus light, and no neural receptors to sense and interpret it.

Before the existence of and without the optical receptors of animate life, there is a Universe awash with light.

In this eyeless Universe is indiscernible form and there are no bounded shapes of any kind.

In fact, in this condition of complete absence of rational observers, no information beyond light’s natural wavelengths, frequencies and amplitudes is conveyed by the omnipresent light.

Omnipresence without sentience has validity as existence, which could be thought of as an abstraction of pure innocence, but it is quantified first and only as undifferentiated.

I am reminded of the phrase in Genesis, “And the Earth was without form, and void”. This is the description of Earth before the Spirit of God moved, and before God said, “Let there be light”. The next event was, “God saw the light, that it was good”.

Precisely because we are differentiated, and because we have the innate ability to see that this is so, we have experience of animate life.

And all our love, gratitude, joys, and transcendent longings have their origin here.

Only see the light.

Light has always been light, even during the babyhood of the Universe, before light could escape!

Light has it.

It all begins all the time.

It begins with every sentient being, with you, with me.

Electromagnetic energies, of which visible light is a portion, are constituent with our human form. And these energies animate our humanity, as well as they flow us through the time-lines of our human existence.

~ Love and light are present  E v e r yN o w

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