Bliss, my red Heart!

The germ of the idea of the magic bathing to be found outside in the Big Green came to me in 1978.


I had just begun going into the Surrey Hills for planned solo rambles, rucksack, map, water bottle, camera and all.

After about half an hour, I’d stop grumbling about the effort, and I noticed a falling away of mind chatter.

Then my senses of sight and sound received a perfectly bionic boost.

Walking on in this state, the blindingly ordinary reveals itself stark naked, and the silences of the Big Green all a-growing explain to me at unambiguous extreme high volume not that they have nothing whatsoever to tell me that I didn’t know, but that before I let my red-red heart off its leash to roam free, I didn’t remember I had forgot what I had always known forever. 

Bliss, my red Heart!


~ Love is present E v e r yN o w 

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