Closer to E v e r yN o w

The Seine flows under a bridge

Then’s gone

Next’s not yet

Transience is the only constant

This world we have all grown up in together is now visibly changing. Global pandemic, violent destructive storms, World War. The ground under my feet no longer offers me unquestioned stability.

I weep for this wonderful world. I am deeply in love with this world of wonders.

I would do well to acknowledge the extent to which change is a constant. I notice the stories my mind tells me about the safety and comfort of the daily routine distract and mislead me. 

The world I knew yesterday does not resemble the world today. It’s important to be conscious that change is deeply aligned to the reality of existence. There’s no existence without change.

These factors, change, transience, impermanence, are influences in so many ways on all our waking and non-waking moments.

What is it that prompts me to rely on, trust, and fully expect the daily routine to offer me stability and peace of mind? This is my mind. Whenever mind operates like a toy clockwork train on primitive single tracks, I see it is incorrect. 

If I desire the fullest possible grasp on the blissful beauty of a deeply lived alive life, it is well to take on board that my mind, heart and body are subject to the transient, to the temporary, to the wild unpredictable.

I am a thriving flame that survives the silent violence of my storm

Awareness and acknowledgement all the time of the stark fact of impermanence is central to maintaining my healthy lifestyle. 

The more I allow myself to live in transience, the more grounded I am. The more grounded, the more I’m content and at peace.

Peace of mind is the starting point for all the honeyed delights of communal sharing. Simply because we might never see each other again, family, friends, acquaintances, strangers I meet, are all brilliantly illuminated by the shining peace in the heart of this moment together!

Be glad that we, you, I, like the dust, the very ground beneath our bodies, are made of impermanence. 

~ Love is present EveryNow

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