Meditation on Strength

A meditation on strength ⚡

A meditation on Strength

This image presents as a shield for a meditation on Strength.

The viewer is invited to place their attention on either elevation, facing or from the obverse.

Intermediate rotational views are available from every degree of the 360°.

Views are freely available in yaw, roll and pitch, in any desired combination of the axes of rotation.

If no attention is directed, if no thought comes, if there is no light, no dark, no significance of any kind, what remains for those who may be about to turn from this offered gift?

Intense purity of peace and love remain.

With the law of conservation of energy, nothing at all goes to waste.

The continuation of the streaming of powerful loving kindness remains.

Nothing passes unnoticed to the compassionate eye.

Love present EveryNow is powerful like the unimaginable energies lolling and roiling in the interior of Sol, our Sun.

Love present EveryNow is tender like the last rays of light, which took a hundred thousand years to come to the surface of the Sun, and which trickle over the  horizon’s edge at the setting of the Sun

~ Love is present EveryNow

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