🌹Love with no object of love to love🌹

Wildflower Meadow seedlings

🌹Love with no object of love to love🌹

I find a lot of peace rises in me as I begin working in our little patch of green garden.

I am rested. 

These days, if I have no physical stress, such as fatigue, my state of inner stillness comes in closer. And I only have to turn my attention inwards to feel that same old Butterflies in the Tummy of being in love!

This was the state of being I entered, during my first experiences of Biodanza, and, with the witness of some shining soulfriends, I underwent an excavation which openly revealed my naked heart to me and to others way back in 2013, a year I call the “Year of my Life”.

I have grown to recognise this feeling of being permanently in love as a state of Grace. I am vaguely curious to find similar people who can “swap notes” about it with me. But I have begun to think that analysis or the naming of objects won’t change anything for me, nor will it show me anything new.

The state I entered into in the Year of My Life was propelled there by a number of emotional shocks or Epiphanies, which I have written up elsewhere on my EveryNow blog.

My emotional landscape is characterised by an illogical sense of continual and continuing newness.

Illogical, because a new awareness or new experience of feelings generally subsides over time, and the outlines decay to take on the perspective of something old, of something like “been there, done that”.

There is nothing old hat about my emotional state whenever I touch into my heart and feel the love. I cannot detect anything I can refer to as, “Oh, yes those finished and tidied away things over there!”

This puzzles me when I think about it. But that’s as far as it goes when I hold it up to examine it.

In fact, the place I have reached inside is like a wide open feeling of shared universal connection when walking a forest trail. Wide open, yes, except it’s “bigger on the inside than the outside”. 

With my most sacred space being all filled up, comes a perception of pure energy, disembodied and unrelated to spatial position.

Where good fiction is made believable by a suspension of disbelief, so the sense of being in love in isolation from and absolutely removed from any object for the love, takes on the form of a belief.

Like a participant in an audience at a dramatic presentation, my sensation of this love is high intensity, at high volume, yet peaceful, without forcefulness.

So, on every occasion when I touch into my heart, I acknowledge the presence of it all over again. And of course it feels like it’s here now for the very first time!

Being thus reassured of its presence deeply inside, I put thoughts of questioning aside and get on with things.

I cannot grasp it, because it is not something I need to take or possess. Anyhow, it doesn’t have any attributes of possession.

For most of my adult life, I have navigated some fixed stars, with maxims I created, like:

“Love is the answer to which no question exists”,

“No question; answer is before”

“Summer and winter come and go

See the sense of season

Sleep naked of reason.

Old soil is new soil

In the dark seed’s eye”

What has opened in me links back to one or other of these concepts, and these in turn link back to key events and crossroads in my earlier life.

In turn, I track back along centuries of striving and surviving, trillions of gene iterations, through interstellar dust lanes hustling potential, to the beginning of beginnings.

How do you feel when you’re in love?

Your mind will take you eventually or immediately towards the object of your affection.

What has arrived in me, intense love, quenches every last residue of fear. The awareness of such love is self sustaining. It feels like perpetual motion eternally safe !

This place. This place of perpetuity, where the perception exists of itself, and in sole occupation of the heart of loving!

The only way I have to begin to describe it is to see how it belongs.

It belongs to itself alone.

At the same time, the only other two ways to express it are to sing or scream out loud like a frantic teenager, or to go share the joy, in every possible way I have learned how to, with all those who do have ears and eyes.

Exactly as I believe do you, dear Reader!

~Love is present EveryNow

2 thoughts on “🌹Love with no object of love to love🌹

    1. Elsie, you never fail to astonish with your sensitive insights. Thank you. I’m sorry I did not read your comment for a while. As an author, I hunger after feedback. Few take that extra step…


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