Sleepy EYEBROWS trick

Follow this simple facial excercise to reach the entrance halls of deep sleep in a state of lightness, with a natural irrepressible smile to replace all the cares of the day, and erase all thoughts of the day come.

In the dark bedroom, lay down in bed. Take three or four long slow deep inhales and exhales, making them audible to yourself.

Then snuggle your shape into your favourite initial night time position.

To get the best out of this, repeat your breathing refreshment cycle until it becomes regular, natural.

Next, eyes closed, raise your EYEBROWS !

Raise them ever so high.

Notice how your mouth enjoys its simultaneous movement into a smile.

You may encourage your smile, while keeping your eyebrows raised.

Take pleasure in this unexpected moment of merriment. It comes out of nowhere. It will melt into night.

As with any new exercise, avoid slipping into breath retention. Generously supply yourself with a few more conscious breaths. With oxygen in plenty in the bloodstream, body, mind and spirit can flow together.

Now let your face relax. Relax all of your self into your soulful self.

A peaceful sleep…

… and a smile
only you will remember
in the first light of the new day

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