🟢A clamour of green intimacy🟢

Photo by J. Phillip Panton 2016

🟢A clamour of green intimacy🟢

Here and there grows a noisiness, a rowdiness, a clamour of intimacy when rambling along such country footpaths.

So much is going on, it’s like I’m straying onto a major sports arena in full cry, or a merry musical gathering of the clans.

Along the verdant corridors of spring and summer, smells, sounds, sunlight and shadow build the atmosphere into a fairground, like a local village fair.

I slow down, I stroll through. I am an animal, welcome to enter their vegetable world.

I animal, and they vegetable, we are engaged in crunching numbers, each in our way arriving at new results by recombinant synergies.

The insects I know are here, I cannot quite see. They are sweetly intent on survival.

Two paces in front of me, something in the way giant me disturbs the air around their tiny selves compels them into instant propulsion.

Zero-to-Cheerio in less than the blink of my eye. Gone. Undiscoverable except to their own kind!

When the busy enclosed path opens out at last, the sounds of silence simply reappear, I and my awareness are thrown back to bump up against each other again, a Great Bell Chant leading me from my heart.

My feet take up the beat and the starship of my body is alone again in the vast unknown mysterious reaches of the Big Green

~ Love’s presence EveryNow

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